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TN SERIES Belt Conveyor - 1

TN SERIES Belt Conveyor

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TN SERIES Belt Conveyor - 2

TN SERIES BELT CONVEYOR Reliable performance, construction quality, easy assembly: the perfect solution Ideal for handling cereals, oilseeds and legumes through horizontal or slightly tilted paths, the Metalmont TN series belt conveyors are designed to ensure the best performance even in the most difficult working conditions and to minimise maintenance and total operating costs. RANGE from 120 to 400 t/h - different flow rates available on request In order to improve the product and for regulatory compliance, the technical specifications, appearance and equipment described in this document...

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TN SERIES Belt Conveyor - 3

DRIVING ELEMENT (HEAD) • Rubber- coated driving pulley • High resistance steel driving shaft • Supports with self-aligning ball bearings shielded and lubricated with high-performing grease • Helical bevel gearmotor with direct coupling to the driving shaft 3 INTERMEDIATE ELEMENTS • Case formed by bolted elements, carefully designed for quick and easy assembly • 2 or 3 inclined rollers in the upper part where the conveyor belt conveys the material • One horizontal roller every 3 meters in the conveyor belt return section • Vertical side guide rollers • Optional counterweight tensioning...

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TN SERIES Belt Conveyor - 4

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MODEL Flow rate* Belt speed Conveyor belt roller diameter Belt width External conveyor width Head length Inlet/outlet flange dimensions Minimum distance for loading Driving pulley diameter (head) Idler pulley diameter (tail end) Maximum length Number of rollers / meter in the delivery section for conveyor belt support Minimum distance between the head and the discharge car *Flow rate referred to s.w. wheat 0.78 t/m3; RH 15%; max impurities: 2%. Horizontal machine.

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Metalmont s.r.l. Via Guglielmo Marconi, 92 31020 Revine Lago (TV) Italy +39 0438 562028

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TN SERIES Belt Conveyor - 6

ACCESSORIES AND DEVICES MODEL Temperature bearings sensor on head and tail end Speed control sensor on tail end Loading hopper Discharge hopper Conveyor cover Supports Painted or stainless steel construction Belt misalignment sensor Suitable for use in ATEX 22, according to the customer classification Discharge car Counterweight Servo-ventilated motor when running on frequency inverter - Standard - Optional

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