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MIK Product Catalogue 2018

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General overview Subjects Content In 1968, the company Heinrich Michel Agrarbautechnik was founded by Heinrich Michel. Farrowing panel systems Concrete inlets THERMO heating systems Piglet panel systems Finishing panel systems TRAPPER & SMARAGD Calf panels & milking parlour flooring PRÄRIE & TRAPPER & STEPPER Sheep and goat farming Sheep & goat panel system Poultry slat Poultry slat Broiler slat Development of the first cast panel with diagonal gaps. 1978 Introduction of the worldwide first plastic panels for pigs. 1979 Change of company name in MIK Heinrich Michel. The drainage system...

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SWING farrowing panel system The SWING system offers a wide variety of individual combinations with different sizes and surface types for farrowing. Intelligent hygienic solutions can be integrated additionally. Optimal step safety with specially designed surfaces traditional panel with extra foot for extra-wide sow areas holds and rounded ridges Product benefits stable and hygienic versatile and animal friendly extremely strong and durable * Dimensions in width x length

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Concrete inlets e\n The different SWING series panels allow the varying laying requirements for the sows' shoulders, teats and rear legs to be accommodated ideally. The concrete and ceramic inlets can be integrated in the MIK flooring system by using the support strips for inlets. They can have a cooling and hoof trimming effect. SWING Soft perfect step-safety SWING G solid reclining area panel * Dimensions in width x length ** an opening of 10 mm occurs by laying SWING GR Support strips for inlets grooved panel for laying area and walkways with drainage holes available in two different...

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THERMO heating systems CAST panel system An extensive assortment of cast panels matching the MIK flooring system is available to complement the plastic panels. The CAST panels feature the same, long-proven surface with the familiar foot holds and give even sows with fundamental weaknesses the necessary grip when standing up and lying down. Benefits stable standing also for problem sows optimised surface geometry ideally combinable with the MIK panel systems post-installation in MIK flooring possible CAST C 400 x 600 the standard cast panel solid surface with drainage opening possible...

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THERMO W 400 x 600 The warm water operated THERMO W 400 x 600 allows a flexible arrangement of panels, is very suitable for the cost conscious remodelling of existing installations and has greatly proved itself as a reliable heating in nursery systems. Thanks to its extra-large size, the THERMO W XXL only requires a few connection accessories, combining high energy efficiency with an absolutely homogeneous heat distribution. Technical data * Dimensions in width x length '* Average values in running operation. Expansion tank

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THERMO E 400 x 600 The electrically operated THERMO E 400 x 600 allows a flexible arrangement of panels, is very suitable for the cost conscious remodelling of old installations and has greatly proved itself as a reliable heating in nursery systems. The electrically heated THERMO E offers the advantages of the THERMO W even where no warm water heating equipment is available or desired. Technical data * Dimensions in width x length '* Average values in running operation. control unit control unit

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CHESS The CHESS is the innovation regarding nursery panels. The worldwide unique slot base arrangement with its chess board pattern ensures an optimum step-safety in every direction of movement. chess board design surface for unique step safety first class self-cleaning up to 50% saving potential of the support beam sytem easy and fast installation

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Finishing panel systems RUBIN panels are used from farrowing to pre-finishing. They offer excellent movement security, first class comfort, as well as good hygienic conditions for healthy growth in the different development stages. RUBIN RUBIN G solid panel for lying area RUBIN GR completely solid panel optimal self cleaning creates excellent hygienic conditions pleasant place to rest due to smoothly profiled surface easy combination with the MIK THERMO-System excellent grip for piglets while suckling due to longitudinal openings and small ridges Technical data * Dimensions in width x...

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18 TRAPPER The TRAPPER distinguishes itself in pre-finishing and finishing because of its high bearing capacity and first class self-cleaning. high bearing load and stability 14 mm opening width for optimum hygiene temperature neutral compared to concrete slats ideal for wean-to-finish systems completely solid panel e.g. for walkways Technical data "Why did I install flooring from MIK?” "Because my pigs will still be able to walk on it safely in 20 years time!" Werner Ostkotte - Farmer, 550 Sows flooring "We have been using MIK flooring the past 20 years. Even after that period of time, the...

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PRARIE, TRAPPER & STEPPER Thanks to its excellent load-bearing characteristics, PRARIE is exremely suitable where animals are kept in groups. Its special surface design offers good foot holding and keeps the panels dry and clean. The temperature-neutral PRARIE and TRAPPER are increasingly used in calf rearing as an economic and practical alternative to conrete or wooden panels or beddings. The TRAPPER and STEPPER panels offer the milking farmers a safe and ergonomic workplace arrangement in addition to easy use and cleaning. TRAPPER is mainly used in individual calf boxes and gives calves a...

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Sheep & goat panel systems The MIK calf box convinces by the easy handling and the stable construction. The use of MIK calf panels and dividing boards is the basis for a hygienic and healthy calf housing. hygienic, flexible, stable four swivelling wheels easy to clean five different slats can be used calf can be fixed by front door olders for pan and drinking bin h included stable galvanized frame adjustable roof partable front door double bin holder lso available as double-, triplea and fourfold box Ideal grip with knobbed surface Technical data Single box Product benefits Sheep & goat...

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