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Milk Bar™ Automatic Teat - 1

Milk Bar™ Automatic Teat Product Code: 900600 Milk Bar™ Automatic Teats easily fit the majority of 38mm teat stations. The side wings allow you to check the teat alignment for the perfect flow. With our specialized flow control, calves create more saliva to boost immunity and strengthen digestion. Improved digestion produces heavier, more robust calves to reduce cost and management. Diarrhoea is reduced and the controlled flow satisfies the calf's natural suckling instinct to reduce cross suckling. We’ve made this teat to last as long as possible but that is still user friendly for the calves. For best flow control and calf performance, expect around 700 L per teat. How to use Starting your calves with Milk Bar from day one gives them a health boost and is easy to implement. For best results: Day 1 - 3 Use a Milk Bar™ Training Teat in either a bottle or single feeder. Day 4 - 14 Use the Milk Bar™ Teat in either a single or group feeder. Calves can be in singles, pairs or groups. Day 15+ Transition the small group to the larger Automatic Feeder group fitted with Milk Bar™ Automatic Teats. Milk Bar Automatic Teats will need replacement when milk flow has increased or around 700 L. Watch the calves if you can, if you see them cross suckling after feeding, it's time to change the teats. If you are calving all year round, it's a good idea to rest the feeding pen periodically to give it a good deep clean. In this case, your calves can go onto a few Milk Bar™ group feeders and will transition onto the Milk Bar™ Teat with no problems. Cleaning Milk is a difficult substance to clean off of surfaces. You need hot water to remove the fat, but the heat can bake the protein onto the surface. Using warm water to get rid of the protein leaves a film of fat. When fats and proteins stick to the surface of equipment, they form a biofilm, a nutrient-rich layer in which bacteria grow. The biofilm protects bacteria from the cleaning process and results in equipment that appears clean but has bacteria on the surface. The cleaning process not only needs to remove fat and protein from surfaces but prevent the formation

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Milk Bar™ Automatic Teat - 2

Made from renewable, high quality natural rubber, Milk Bar™ Teats are kinder to the environment. Natural rubber absorbs the milk fat and protein which can cause the teats to become softer and start to drip. The milk flow can become faster, decreasing calf performance. Recommended cleaning: Use Milk Bar™ Detergent, a dishwashing detergent, or any other non-chlorine/ chloride dairy detergent twice a week. Important! Chlorine/chloride based dairy detergents degrade natural rubber which reduces teat performance and voids any warranty. Rinse your teats with water. Use a gentle detergent,...

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