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MP Vertitank

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MP Vertitank Open type milk cooling tanks #milkplanners Present in over 85 countries worldwide

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We have a We have a plan o improve your milk qua so you can profit more MP Vertitank series are vertical open type cylindrical stainless steel tanks with smooth inner walls, round corners, perfectly polished. They ensure the excellent quality of the milk, while minimizing the energy consumption and operating costs. Milkplan use the latest manufacturing technologies and its tanks are made of food grade materials according to the European and US standards ISO5708 / EN13732 / 3A. They are available in versions of 2 and 4 milkings and with capacities from 50lt to 2,500lt. MP Vertitank series is...

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The difference is in the details MP Vertitank’s simplicity of use is ensured by a number of important technical details, such as the careful installation of the cooling unit, the slope design, the optimal agitation positioning, the easy leveling etc. At Milkplan, we pay special attention to details. With advanced industrial know-how and customization expertise, our MP Vertitanks operate continuously and reliably in livestock and dairy units worldwide. Fast & efficient milk cooling Sophisticated design Efficient milk cooling Control panel Milk agitation MP Vertitanks achieve high cooling...

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Lid elevation system The specially designed stainless steel lid elevation system by MiLkpLan, provides extremely easy lifting and holding of the tank's lid. Its robust design offers high resistance to stress of daily use. Ease of use 50lt to 30Qlt 400lt to 2500lt Perforated cooling unit cover The stainless steel protective perforated cover prevents the entry of small animals and dirt in the cooling unit of the tank, ensuring its nonstop operation. Its easy removal allows direct access to the refrigeration unit for maintenance and repair.

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Milkplan at a glance 2 factories in Greece 30.000 sq.m. of privately owned facilities Continuing investments in resources, new products and technologies More than 140 employees More than 1500 milking systems. 35.000 milk cooling tanks in farms and cheese-making units Exports in more than 85 countries 80% international sales Continuing sales increase 18 new added during the last 3 years Official representative While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this brochure, Milkplan assumes no responsibility for omissions or typographical errors. The material...

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