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NaanDanJain's wide selection of micro-sprinklers enables our teams to tailor highly customized solutions for every application. Offering a high level of accuracy, uniformity and reliability, the micro-sprinkler range includes sprayers, rotors, misters and foggers.

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Micro-sprinkler irrigation is a major pressurized microirrigation method. The advanced plastic molding technology allows for the development and manufacture of water emitters with extreme diversity of flow rates, distribution patterns and droplet sizes. Micro-sprinkler irrigation has numerous applications, including: • Undertree irrigation of fruit trees • Irrigation in greenhouses and nurseries • Irrigation of landscapes and residential gardens • Frost protection in orchards and vineyards • Climate control (cooling and humidification) in greenhouses, poultry houses and livestock areas •...

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MODULAR GROUP Complete range of micro-sprinklers and micro-jets • Irrigation in orchards, vegetables and gardens • Irrigation in greenhouses and shade houses • Cooling of poultry and livestock STRUCTURE AND FEATURES Broad range of wetted diameters and flow rates • Full- and part-circle patterns • Small, medium or large droplets produced by different sprayers, swivels or anti-mist devices Jardi Modular with unique mini-

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.4 JAIN IRRIGATION COMPANY -1 .-tlSE# 7 , TECHNICAL DATA • Recommended working pressure: I.5-3.0 bar • Flow rate: 25-400 l/h • Wetted diameter: 1-10 m • Filtration requirement: 130 micron for purple and brown nozzles 200 micron for other nozzles MODULAR NOZZLE AND FLOW RATE VS. PRESSURE swivel color-coded anti-mist (optional) color-coded nozzle WETTED DIAMETER (m) AT 2.0 BAR AND 0.25 m ABOVE GROUND LEVEL Tested under laboratory conditions * Inverted swivel tested at 0.6m and 1.8 m ** Only for upright uses

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HADAR 7110 For irrigation, propagation and micro-climate • Horticulture and viticulture • Orchards • Greenhouses and nurseries • Landscapes STRUCTURE AND FEATURES • Bayonet coupling • Modular construction for simple use and modification • Wide range of wetted patterns with 9 different inserts • 11 color-coded nozzles with flow rates from 23-333 l/h • Excellent water distribution • Leakage Prevention Device (LPD) TECHNICAL DATA © NAANDANJAIN Ltd. 01/2015 • Recommended working pressure: 1.5-3.0 bar • Wetted diameter: 1.7-11.0 m • Filtration requirements: 130 micron (120 mesh) for nozzles...

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WETTED DIAMETER (m) AT 2.0 BAR Nozzle size (mm) *Tested under laboratory conditions at 2.0 above ground 7110    7110 mist sprayer Inverted rotor with LPD    4.0 mm inserted base *Tested under laboratory conditions at 2.0 above ground Prevention Device (Super LPD) Color code distribution uniformity MIST SPRAYER FOR PROPAGATION • Spacing on line: 1.0 m • Spacing between laterals: two laterals for 1.4-1.6 m table width single lateral for 1.2 m table width • Recommended working pressure: 2.5-4.0 bar

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Economical solution and greenhouse and irrigation for undertree overhead APPLICATIONS • For widely-spaced plantations such as walnut, almond, avocado and mango • For overhead irrigation of vegetables and nurseries • IrriStand systems (up to 6 x 6 m spacing ) STRUCTURE AND FEATURES • Extra-long range • Simple, user-friendly structure • Uniform coverage over a wide range of spacings, flow rates and pressures • Insect-resistant nozzle • Large droplets • Innovative spike • Inverted version available for tunnels and greenhouses

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COMPONENTS TECHNICAL DATA • Recommended working pressure: I.5-3.0 bar • Recommended working pressure (inverted version): 2.0-3.0 bar • Flow rate: 30-365 l/h • Wetted diameter: 5.5-12.5 • Filtration requirements: purple and brown nozzles -130 microns other nozzles -200 microns ©©o quick thread connector I st stage    I    2nd stage    (inverted swivel 4/7 butterfly FLOW RATE (l/h) VS. PRESSURE (bar) Nozzle Color INVERTED MODEL - FLOW RATES AND WETTED DIAMETERS AT PRESSURE 2.0 BAR Swivel color *Tested under laboratory conditions at I.8 m height FLOW RATES AND WETTED DIAMETER (m) AT 2.0 BAR...

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AQUASMART 2002 Flow-regulating micro-sprinkler APPLICATIONS • For optimal undertree irrigation • Constant flow between 1.5-4.0 bar pressure • Uniform irrigation and fertigation in all topographical conditions • Wide range of flow rates and distribution patterns • Insect-proof nozzle • Sturdy and solid structure • Easy to dismantle and assemble • Innovative spike with locking clip and water-stop aid • Deflector helps prevent wetting of tree trunks • Special swivel (green) for inverted operation • Two-stage wetted diameter control • Clog resistant even at

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TECHNICAL DATA • Recommended working pressure: I.5-4.0 bar • Flow rate: 20-95 l/h • Wetted diameter: 3.0-7.5 m COMPONENTS top bearing deflector (optional) bridge color-coded pop-up swivel * 1st stage: with diameter limiter, for young trees ** Regular (2nd stage): break off the diameter limiter, for mature trees SWIVELS - WETTED DIAMETER (m) color-coded nozzle regulating disk nozzle locker All swivels tested under laboratory conditions at 0.25 m above ground * One stage only (no diameter limiter) ** Green swivel tested at 0.6 m above ground STANDARD ASSEMBLIES Flow rate (l/h)

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ELIMINATOR Insect-proof flow regulating micro-sprinkler for undertree irrigation • Prevents intrusion of all insects, including ants, snails, earwigs, spiders and Fuller’s rose weevil • Resistant to dust, sand, weeds and other external elements • Flow-regulating for water saving and optimal efficiency • Reliable, maintenance-free performance • Wide range of flow rates and distribution patterns

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