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the ideal sprinkler from 4’ strips to 30’ rad

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The MP Rotator. A revolutionary sprinkler setting a new standard for water efficiency in the turf & landscape industry. It is a multistream rotor the size of a spray nozzle. It fits any conventional spray head body or shrub adapter, transforming it into a high uniformity, low precipitation rate sprinkler with matched precipitation even after arc and radius adjustment. a water conservation tool · Multiple rotating streams patented “double pop” keeps sprinkler free from external debris MP Rotator shown popped up, in operating mode; when watering cycle ends MP Rotator pops down before spray...

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MP Rotator - 3

save water — solve problems > new systems — Ultimate design flexibility, 4’ strip - 30’ radius — Lower installed costs — Better system efficiency — Solve low pressure problems — Solve coverage problems > slopes & tight soils — low precipitation radically reduces runoff Compared to fixed-arc sprays and rotors, MP Rotators deliver significant performance advantages, great design flexibility and impressive cost savings. Any of the MP Rotator models can be combined on the same zone and maintain a matched precipitation rate — even after arc and radius adjustment. On existing systems, the MP...

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MP Rotator - 4

Maintain Matched Precipitation — Any Model, Any Arc, Any Radius Specify Model & Arc. Add “T” to Model Name to specify Male Thread. Example: MP2000 90-210 Model ADJUSTABLE RADIUS Light Blue RADIUS REDUCTION MP CORNER stream height @ 30 PSI = 10” RADIUS REDUCTION The MP Corner is designed for tight corners that are difficult to irrigate properly with conventional sprinklers. It has an adjustable arc from 45° to 105°, maintains MPR at any arc, any radius and can be placed on the same zone with any other MP Rotator model. s EXAMPLE WITH TRIANGULAR SPACING MP Side Strip The three new MP Strip...

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MP Rotator - 5

PSI Unadjusted Reduced Radius Radius GPM PSI Unadjusted Reduced Radius Radius GPM Unadjusted Reduced Radius Radius ***The slightly higher precipitation rate of the MP Strips is intentional. It compensates for the significant proportion of edge watering in strip applications.

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MP Rotator - 6

Two-piece ratchet design facilitates quick and easy adjustability for both the MPR40 and the MPR sprinkler bodies. • Built-in regulator set at 40 psi • New easy-to identify gray cap • Factory-installed check valve Based on well known pop-up body technology, the MPR40 body provides 40 psi pressure regulation and a check valve. This delivers the water saving function of a drain check valve at a pressure that will give full range performance from the MP Rotator. The MPR40 body and the non-regulated or checked MPR body are high-quality sprinkler bodies made specifically to complement the MP...

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MP Rotator - 7

pressure regulation Nelson offers a full line of pressure regulating devices to meet the needs of a variety of irrigation applications. MRDC shown at the sideinlet of a standard popup body 1/2” MINI SERIES — 0.15 to 5 GPM Pressure Regulating Options: 20, 30, 40 & 50 PSI Mini Drain Check (MDC) Mini Regulator Drain Check (MRDC) MRDC shown at the bottom-inlet of a standard pop-up body Pressure Regulator only Drain Check* only Combination Pressure Regulator and Drain Check* *The Drain Check feature prevents drain down through the low heads. 3/4” & 1” PR SERIES PRESSURE REGULATORS 0.25 to 15 GPM...

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MP Rotator - 8

saves water compared to conventional sprays & rotors We take this claim very seriously The water savings potential is real ... it is big ... and the MP Rotator® is the future. The multi-trajectory, rotating streams of the MP Rotator apply water more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays and rotors — especially after arc and radius adjustment. Independent water audits now document water savings of 30% when conventional sprays are replaced with MP Rotators. Additional water-saving advantages include better wind-resistance, less misting and virtually no run-off. 848 Airport Road Walla...

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