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CX7 & CX8 - 2

The New Holland CX range has defined super conventional combine harvesting since its launch in 2001, and almost two decades on, New Holland has decided to redefine harvesting productivity. The CX7 & CX8 range delivers super-sized productivity and has further elevated its already impressive capacity. The all new optional Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum improves threshing performance, with smoother crop flow, quieter operation, reduced fuel consumption and up to 10% capacity increase in heavy rows, swathed rapeseed or laid crops. Added to this are a host of in-cab controls, allowing management of...

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CX7 & CX8 - 3

CX7 & CX8: the ultimate super conventional combines The five model CX7 and CX8 range features the world's highest capacity conventional combine. Choose between five or six strawwalkers and a range of options to suit your operation. Models Grain header Maize headers Max. Power Number of Grain tank cutting width (m) Number of rows (hp) Strawwalkers capacity (l)

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CX7 & CX8 - 4

MyPLM®Connect Telematics Outstanding capacity The CX7 & CX8 range fully lives up to its title as the world’s most powerful conventional combine, with up to 460hp on tap. The new, optional Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum improves threshing performance, with smoother crop flow, quieter operation, reduced fuel consumption and 10% higher capacity in rape seed .The enlarged grain tank, up to 12,500 litres, and increased unloading speed enhance autonomy and harvesting flexibility. Unique in the industry Opti-Speed™ auto adaptive variable speed strawwalkers tailor separation to the individual crop, and...

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CX7 & CX8 - 5

Four drum technology including new optional Up to 12,500 litre Ultra-Flow™ staggered grain tank drum design Opti-Speed™ technology Up to 460hp Cursor engine with ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 Stage V technology Self Levelling Cleaning Shoe Opti-Spread™ system Opti-Clean™ system Opti-Fan™ technology SmartTrax™ with Flex technology or SmartTrax™ with Terraglide™ suspension available

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CX7 & CX8 - 6

A history of modern combining by New Holland. 1952: Europe’s first self-propelled conventional combine harvester rolled off the Zedelgem production line. The face of harvesting changed forever. 1970: Another harvesting revolution occurred: the advent of the rotary separator on the 1550 range. Forty years on, this technology is still used in flagship conventional combines today. 1955: In the early days of self-propelled combining, farmers needed small units, and the M73 satisfied their requirements, with a threshing drum of just 73cm. The only ever combine with a sub one metre drum. 1977:...

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CX7 & CX8 - 7

Built in Zedelgem The flagship CX7 & CX8 models are built in Zedelgem, Belgium, home to New Holland’s Centre of Global Harvesting Excellence. It was here, over 100 years ago, that Leon Claeys built his very first threshing machine that revolutionised the way farmers harvested. Zedelgem is synonymous with harvesting firsts, in 1952 it produced the first European self-propelled combine harvester. Today, yellow blooded engineers are committed to developing the next generation of harvesting products. The sophisticated product development process and the extensive knowledge of a dedicated...

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CX7 & CX8 - 8

New Holland knows that the harvesting process starts with the crop. How it enters the machine will determine the quality of the harvest, therefore, a vast range of grain headers to suit every type of crop and farm have been developed and built in-house to suit your needs. Headers are available in widths ranging from 4.57 - 12.50 metres and in a wide range of configurations that can be tailored to match your requirements. Varifeed™ grain headers: adapt to all types of crop • Varifeed™ header guarantees optimum harvesting quality and a uniform cut in fields of different crop heights • Knives...

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CX7 & CX8 - 9

Fully integrated rape knives • Optional 18 teeth rape knives can be quickly fitted to the Varifeed™ header • Controlled through the IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor, they guarantee more efficient rape harvesting • When not required, they can be stored in the dedicated bracket on board the header Automatic Header Height Control The advanced Automatic Header Height Control system is available in three operational modes: • Compensation Mode uses a pre-established ground contact pressure that is hydraulically maintained to ensure efficient harvesting of laying or low growing crops...

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CX7 & CX8 - 10

Welcome to the world of the most productive draper headers. These headers are perfectly at home harvesting on the vast prairies of North America, Australia, Brazil and South Africa and deliver equally impressive performance in Europe's fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. These giants of the header world guarantee the highest throughput, right across the entire length of the cutterbar, slicing through all crops, including those which have been wide sown, such as soya beans. They are the ideal match for the CX flagship combine range. Even feeding across the entire header • The six...

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CX7 & CX8 - 11

Rigid draper headers • Rigid draper headers are the ideal choice when working on large broad acre farms • The standard header height control system features four sensors mounted underneath the header table • The system works in tandem with standard gauge wheels on all models except the 9.15 metre variant to maintain a uniform cutting height • The headers can be tilted four degrees forward and three degrees rearward from the cab to manage gentle inclines or laid crops Superflex draper headers • If you want to maintain uniform cutting performance when working across the widest cutting widths...

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CX7 & CX8 - 12

New Holland has developed a maize header line-up which has been engineered by design to perfectly match the CX7 & CX8 operating profile. Following extensive field testing, both the rigid and flipup versions deliver improved harvesting productivity and reliability.

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CX7 & CX8 - 13

Modern maize headers for modern maize farming • Upgraded maize header line-up satisfies the demands to boost productivity and harvesting efficiency • Shorter points better follow ground contours to prevent 'rundown' of valuable crops • The gills direct any loose kernels to the back to the header reducing waste • The replaceable wear strips extend the headers lifespan and all points flip up on self-supporting gas struts for easy cleaning and maintenance Flip-up or rigid: the choice is yours • Rigid headers are available in 6, 8 and 12 row versions • Flip-up versions are perfect for transport...

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