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the future of efficient thinning IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY LOWER COSTS • Nimble and balanced – moves fast in the felling area • Low purchase price – less capital needed • Parallel crane in line with the operator – head fast to take to the tree • Low fuel consumption (6.5-8 l/h) – no money wasted • Less driving, more harvesting – 9, 10 and 10.5 m crane alternatives • Reliable with no unnecessary frills – less downtime • Harvester heads with efficient power/weight ratio – fast and accurate handling of trees • Regular maintenance costs less than €2/h HEAD AL TERNATIVES Nisula 425H Head change...

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– EVERYTHING YOU COULD WANT IN A HARVESTER HEAD ? Nisula 500H is a true harvester head that serves you from first thinning to the last improvement felling. Both the physical dimensions and the weight of the head are ideal for thinning. Thanks to high-quality materials, the head only weighs 640 kg without the rotator. The head is easy and fast to take to the tree, and thanks to the efficient drive motors, even challenging stems go easily through the grapple. 500H’s single cut diameter is 50 cm. Details that improve durability, usability and reliability • • • • • • WATCH THE VIDEO Valmet 911...

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NISULA FOREST OY Korjaamokuja 3 35600 Halli, Finland Engine: Power Maximum torque Starter motor Batteries WORK HYDRAULICS Pump: Output: Operating pressure: Oil tank capacity: DIMENSIONS Length Width Transport height Weight STANDARD EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES An extensive range of accessories and versatile head and crane alternatives allow you to customise N5 to meet your special needs. It is always sensible to avoid unnecessary investments. N5 with standard equipment is a full-fledged thinning harvester. N5, STANDARD EQUIPMENT: • 600/65R34 Nokia...

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