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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence working for poultry farming //*v\ Jp * »■ .j'

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COMBINING PRODUCTIVITY, ENVIRONMENT AND ANIMAL WELFARE XO is designed for poultry farmers who want to increase their productivity thanks to animal welfare improvement. Poultry farming face major challenge: reconcile productivity, biosecurity and expectations of society where the environment and animal welfare are of major concerns. XO was designed to meet these challenges. Animal welfare XO provides environmental, animal treatment and monitoring. This combination of autonomous robotics and Artificial Intelligence now offers new perspectives for poultry farming. BENEFITS Ammonia reduction...

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SUPPORT TO GUARANTEE SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS Long term customer support to ensure productivity increase. Octopus Biosafety ensures high availability of services. A global support Installation support • Installation and start-up • Use and exploitation training Excellence in embedded technologies • Equipment robustness and durability • 5 years warranty Technical support • 24/7 monitoring • Support <72h • Preventative replacement of spare parts • Maintenance visits and on-site checks A sustainable support The XO solution is part of an economic and environmental approach and offers a customer...

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OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS DEDICATED TO HEALTH Our mission: Improve human and animal health through technology. Founded in 1987 in Cholet (France), Octopus Biosafety is a leading company at international level specialised in designing, manufacturing and commercialising of mobile, autonomous, intelligent and modular robots. In 2015, thanks to its expertise in electronics, automation and artificial vision, Octopus Biosafety has been the pioneer in the development of innovative line of robots including a «sanitary robots» line intended to efficiently decontaminate Public-Access building...

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Contact our teams for additional questions or information. Octopus Biosafety 9 rue du Danemark, 56400 AURAY – TVA : FR82341727014 – N°Siret : 34172701400043

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