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□limac itai ian industry worldwide leader of corn heads

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ALL-ROUND DESIGNER AND BUILDER Olimac has been designing and building corn harvesting machinery for over fifty years. This particularity, which is unique in the world, has enabled the company to concentrate on research and continuous technological innovations. The result is the Drago corn head, a concentrate of high technology with outstanding performance and quality: corn stalk perfectly pressed, complete harvest without waste, exceptional working speed. IN ALL THE CORNFIELDS IN THE WORLD Drago is at work in all the cornfields in the world. From Europe to the United States of America, from...

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AGO Total harvesting without losses

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The only corn head in the world with automatic self-adjusting deck plates and longer stalk rollers +25% AUTOMATIC SELF-ADJUSTING DECK PLATES LONGER STALK ROLLERS They adjust automatically and simultaneously according to the size of the stalk they encounter. The automatic self-adjustment is performed separately on each row: total harvesting without losses, corn stalk perfectly pressed, productivity grows. The stalk rollers are longer for a gentler separation of the ear from the plant: corn stalk perfectly pressed, total harvesting without losses. There are corn heads that leave ears and corn...

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Once you choose Drago, you'll never go back.

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CORN HEADS FIXED OPENING It does not change to match the different size of the stalks encountered by the plates. but it remains fixed during the work. DECK PLATES AUTOMATICALLY VARIABLE OPENING It constantly changes to match the different size of the stalks encountered by the deck plates during the work. The automation works independently on each row. ADVANTAGES: total harvesting without losses, corn stalk perfectly pressed, productivity grows. STANDARD LENGTH Standard peripheral rotation speed. STALK ROLLERS Lower peripheral rotation speed. ADVANTAGES: a gentler separation of the ear from...

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in all the corn fields of the world, on whatever type and brand of combine harvester

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Perfect harvesting of down corn and with a built-in stalk chopper, the field is ready for plowing

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LOW PROFILE CONSTRUCTION AND LATERAL AUGERS The exclusive low-profile construction and the efficient work of the lateral augers determine a safe penetration of the down corn allowing for a total harvest of low-lying and hanging corns. STALK CHOPPER Upon request, the Drago corn head is equipped with a built-in stalk chopper with rotary blades. With very low power consumption, the stalk chopper crushes the corn stalks leaving the field ready for plowing. Olimac has a department dedicated solely to the customization of Drago corn heads. A team of technicians develops and fine tunes special...

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Long-lasting with minimal maintenance HARDENED STEEL BEVEL GEAR PAIRS AND SLIP CLUTCH Each row unit is built with oil bathed mechanical gear boxes with hardened steel bevel gear pairs. Each row unit is also equipped with a slip clutch that protects its transmission components. REINFORCED STEEL GATHERING CHAINS WITH HARD CHROME PINS The reinforced steel gathering chains with hard chrome pins are self-adjusted by a spring that absorbs stress. KNIFE STALK ROLLERS The interchangeable blades are made of tungsten carbide. Bevel gear pairs WEED KNIVES They prevent material wrappage around the...

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From 4 to 24 rows, fixed or foldable, convenient on-road transport CORN HEAD ROWS no. STALK CHOPPER WEIGHT kg A COMPLETE PRODUCT RANGE - You can have a Drago with 4 to 24 rows, fixed or foldable, customized UNIVERSAL - Drago is universal and it can be applied on any type and brand of combine harvester and self-propelled shredder. FOLDABLE FROM THE OPERATOR’S PLATFORM - Drago is directly foldable from the operator’s platform. Its reduced dimensions (3-3,20 m) and total visibility allow for convenient on-road transport. SUPPORT AND ORIGINAL (OEM) SPARE PARTS - A worldwide network of Olimac...

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A completely robotic high-tech plant. 100% quality. A part of the production area. In the foreground, laser guided vehicles. Completely automated painting, with coverage lasting three times longer than average in the sector. The pieces to be painted are hooked up to special overhead rails and transported to the painting stages. Stage 1 shot blasting Stage 2 blowing shot residues Stage 3 Stage 4 the robots spray the primer drying primer onto the piece oven Stage 5 the robots spray the finishing powder onto the piece Stage 6 baking oven Area for delivery of painted parts

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AN INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX UNIQUE IN THE WORLD The new Olimac plant that covers a company-owned area of over 70,000 sqm is a completely automated industrial complex, unique in this sector worldwide. All Drago corn head parts are designed and built by Olimac in total autonomy. The Research and Design department is the real propelling nucleus of the whole of Olimac's activity: the technology designed and all the production processes are transmitted by the IT network to the machine tools. Controls on all phases of production are thorough and ensure higher quality. Research and Design Department...

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THIS INFORMATION IS GIVEN PURELY BY WAY OF EXAMPLE AND OLIMAC RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE ALTERATIONS WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION Olimac s.r.l. - Via Cuneo, 41 - 12040 Margarita (Cuneo) Italy tel +39.0171.384898 - fax +39.0171.384904 - info@olimac.it - www.olimac.it C O N T I N U O U S I N N OVAT I O N

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