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TECHNICAL INFORMATION OMEX Bio 20 FUNCTION To maximise the production of crops at risk of damage from stress conditions caused by high temperatures, soil conditions, moisture availability and disease. OMEX Bio 20 is formulated to supply seedlings and more mature plants with essential nutrients. OMEX Bio 20 also includes organic material derived from a single seaweed variety which has proven beneficial effects upon plants by stimulating root development. Applications of OMEX Bio 20 will promote greater root biomass and therefore maximise utilisation of moisture and nutrients. DESCRIPTION OMEX Bio 20 is a highly concentrated emulsion containing macro and chelated micro elements. The organic material is seaweed derived. Analysis of OMEX Bio 20 Wt/Wt* Magnesium (EDTA) Boron Cobalt Molybdenum Seaweed Extract** pH (10% solution) Specific Gravity *For registration purposes Wt/Wt concentrations are recommended. **Also available with 3.2% Wt/Wt / 5% Wt/Vol Seaweed Extract. DIRECTIONS FOR USE The spray tank should be filled with half of the required amount of water. Measure the required amount of OMEX Bio 20 and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution. Spray.

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION DILUTION: Recommended water rate is 500-1500 Litres per hectare Always shake container before opening APPLICATION DETAILS 2-3 applications with 15 day intervals Apply before flowering. Repeat every 15 days. Use low rate on young or delicate plants 1 – 2 applications early in crop cycle Sugar Beet 1 – 2 applications early in crop cycle 2 – 4 applications once transplants established 1-2 applications - before transplanting Soak roots prior to transplanting Apply at tillering Seed nursery Root soak Post transplant TANK MIXING COMPATIBILITY OMEX Bio 20 is compatible with...

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