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8840 Our dedication and partnership with the seed industry continues with the introduction of the future in seed corn harvesting. Introducing, the Oxbo 8840 Seed Corn Harvester. Our new seed corn harvester has increased productivity, improved trash removal, minimized kernel loss and improved operator comfort. Effective Picking System Field Productivity Operator comfort Totally new cleaning system delivers cleaner loads resulting in more crop per load with less trash; saves on hauling Delivers up to twice the productivity of previous harvester models Gentle Conveyance • • Proven SoftTouch...

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Cleaner Loads: Saves unloading time at the plant Gentle crop handling through an entirely belted system IntelliClean: Two part cleaning system gently conveys the cleanest crop Quiet, Spacious Cab: Luxurious modern cab with panoramic view Powerful Suction Fan: Key component of IntelliClean, two-part cleaning process Easy Access Panels: Maximize access to harvester components Support at your fingertips. World-class online parts, service and support system mobile support team keeps you running with parts and service where and when you need it Centralized grease banks and easy access locations

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Laminar Airflow: Evenly distributed airflow ensures consistent cleaning performance Clean Conveyance: The combination of the IntelliClean cleaning system and SoftTouch conveyance provide the cleanest crop for the most efficient harvesting Rugged design: Easily handles a 16-row folding corn head for fold-and-go transportability Convenient: Easy access to the hydraulic pumps for safe servicing

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Oxbo International 100 Bean Street Clear Lake, WI 54005 Length (machine only): Width (front axle): Width (rear axle): Maximum Working Height (to top of conveyor): Visit our website at Length with header: Tires Front: Engine Engine: Ground Speeds Max road speed: Turning Radius Turning radius: Tank Capacities Oxbo International Corp. a member of the Ploeger Oxbo Group 884019.pdf Cooling System: to change without notice. ©2019 Hydraulic fluid: Descriptions and specifications subject Fuel: Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF):

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