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Spreader Family - 2

Oxbo has been one of the leading distributors of application equipment for over two decades. Our experience made the decision to manufacture, distribute and service our own Oxbo branded spreader an easy choice. Whether you need to precisely and efficiently spread fertilizer, biosolids, compost, manure, or other dry or semi-solid materials, Oxbo has a machine to fit your needs. From the economical 7400 Floater truck, the versatile 4103, 3-wheel spreader or the high capacity 5105, 5-wheel spreader, Oxbo equips each machine with a variety of applicators from New Leader and Tebbe and factory...

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Spreader Family - 3

Reliable International chassis coupled with the industry leading New Leader box

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Spreader Family - 4

Rugged, one-piece frame design provides increased strength Rugged rear axle designed for power and heavy carrying capacity Fuel efficient Scania DC09 Tier 4F engine with an unprecedented standard warranty and optional extended warranty

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Spreader Family - 5

Choice of boxes including Tebbe, New Leader 304 stainless or 409 painted stainless Four coolers side-by-side in sealed compartment. Easy to clean with a high cooling capacity Standard Michelin 1050/50R32 tires Adjustable, powered front wheel

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Spreader Family - 6

70 degree turning allows you to turn around on the back wheels Spacious Claas Vista 2 cab Heavy duty 4-point cab suspension Oxbo 5105 Adjustable, powered front wheel 6 cylinder, 13L Scania DC13 Tier 4F engine

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Spreader Family - 7

Steerable rear axles provide additional agility and maneuverability Tebbe dry box with 27 ton capacity, equipped with hydraulic beaters and spinners on separate drives for adjustable spread rates Powerful, automatic reversing fan Heavy duty ZF Eccom CVT transmission with 4 gears and automatic shifting

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Spreader Family - 8

Oxbo International 100 Bean Street Clear Lake, WI 54005 tel 715.263.2112 800.628.6196 Descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice. ©2018 Oxbo International Corp. a member of Ploeger Oxbo Group SpreaderFamily18.pdf

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