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PALAX® D360 - 1

USER MANUAL Tractor drive Electrical drive SERIAL NUMBER AND YEAR OF MANUFACTURE_______________________

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PALAX® D360 - 2

5.6 Speed adjustment for the adjustment cylinder of the splitting blade, figure 24, Ergo HTS. . Virhe.

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PALAX® D360 - 3


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PALAX® D360 - 4

1 Basic information and responsibilities 1.1 Introduction This manual is intended for operators with the appropriate expertise. The operator is required to have the general knowledge and skills needed in normal situations. For example, a person purchasing a tractor-powered machine is expected to be able to operate the tractor’s cardan shaft drive. Study the manual thoroughly before installing the machine and beginning operation. In addition, familiarise yourself with the controls and the emergency stop mechanism before operating the machine. Additional information on our company’s products...

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PALAX® D360 - 5

Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy Lahdentie 9 FI-61400 Ylistaro Finland +358 6 474 5100 Person responsible for the technical file: Palax D360 & D360 Ergo Firewood processor with 4.3-metre out-feed conveyor Driving power: Tractor output, electric motor Model markings: Machine serial number: Tractor-powered with internal hydraulics Tractor or electric motor powered We hereby declare that this machine meets the requirements concerning the safety of machinery specified in Government Decree 12 June 2008/400, which was instituted to bring into force Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and that...

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PALAX® D360 - 6

3 1.3 Purpose of use This firewood processor with conveyor is intended for making firewood from round timber. Using the machine for other purposes is not allowed. Max dimensions of the wood Cutting power, Maximum log diameter 35 cm Maximum length of the wood to be cut: 4–5 m. A separate log deck, equipped with rollers or hydraulic input, should be used for long logs. 1.4 Warning symbols Lue ohjekirja Syöttökuljettimen peruutus Syöttökuljettimen syöttö Halkaisun keskeytys Halkaisun käynnistys Varo liikkuvaa terää Käytä suojavaatetusta Käytä silmä- ja korvasuojaimia Sahaus Halkaisuterän...

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PALAX® D360 - 7

Trukin nostokohta Konetta saa käyttää vain yksi henkilö Varo nivelakselia Pysy etäällä koneen liikkuvista osista Kuljettimen vaara-alue on 5 metriä kuljettimesta Kytke kone irti virtalähteestä ennen huoltotöitä 1.5 Type plates The machine’s type plate • Name and address of the manufacturer. • Machine type. • Production number and year. • Machine weight. • Chain saw bar length. • Maximum hydraulic pressure. • The machine type plate is located on the side of the push bar mounting cover. Type plates for electrical drive • 3-phase motor • Voltage 230/380 V or 380/600 V, may vary depending on...

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PALAX® D360 - 8

1.6 The machine’s main measurements and models PALAX D360 Ergo With tractor or electric motor drive and mechanical steering of the cutting and splitting blades. PALAX D360 Pro & Pro+ With tractor or electric motor drive and fully hydraulic steering of the cutting and splitting blades. • The 4.3-metre output conveyor is included in the weight. 1.7 Safety instructions General provisions and restrictions • Max length of log in cutting 4 metres, if log deck is not used. • The machine has been designed solely for making firewood. • Only one person may operate the machine. • The danger zone of...

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PALAX® D360 - 9

Always use safety footwear. Always use work gloves. Do not wear loose or hanging clothing. Before use • Always prepare the machine and conveyor carefully for use before starting the machine. • Ensure that no unauthorised persons are in the working area. • Ensure that the cardan shaft is undamaged and attach the shaft guard chain in its place. The allowed rpm range of the cardan shaft is 400-450 rpm. • Operate the machine on a sufficiently solid and even surface. • Only use the machine with sufficient lighting. • For tractor-powered machines, ensure that one drawbar is attached, and ensure...

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PALAX® D360 - 10

• Using the machine while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. • Keep in mind that the operator is responsible for any accidents that may occur if safety devices have been removed from the machine. 1.10 Operating conditions • Always place the machine as level as possible. • Organise the environment so as to minimise any danger, such as a risk of slipping in winter. • When starting the machine in extremely cold weather, the machine should be run at approximately 1/4 of the maximum rpm for 5-10 minutes in order to warm the oils up and make them move easier. • Only use the...

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PALAX® D360 - 11

2 Receipt and assembly of the machine 2.1 Delivery and delivery inspection of the machine • The machine is delivered almost fully assembled, always tested and with adjustments made. • In order to avoid damage during transportation, the adjustment levers for the cutting and splitting blades in the Ergo model are packaged separately. • Inspect the delivery immediately. • In case of any damage caused during transport, contact the driver and the company that sold the product. 2.2 Lifting and moving the machine, figure 3, all models The machine can be lifted from the following places. • From...

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PALAX® D360 - 12

2.4 Main components of the machine, Pro and Pro+ models, figure 5 Hydraulic wood gripper Joystick lever, hydraulic operation of the input conveyor and cutting blade Height adjustment lever of the splitting blade Adjustment cylinder of the splitting blade Oil cooler, accessory, figure 5B • • The oil cooler is an accessory suitable for tractor and electrically powered models. We recommend using the cooler if the machine is continuously being used in warm conditions. The cooler is operated by the thermostat. In the tractor-powered model, the 12 V operating voltage for the cooler is received...

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