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TWO MODEL SERIES JUST MADE FOR YOU The spreaders in the LW and PW model series are the result of more than 50 years of experience of the firms Panien (France) and Streumaster (Germany). Each of these firms has developed their own innovative products, which are distinguished by their high reliability. Now marketed under the corporate brand name Streumaster, our spreaders are intended for professional use. The LW and PW spreaders meet all the user's requirements regarding the material and spreading quantity. The size of the farm is of no importance - it could be anything from an agricultural...

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VERSATILITY AND POWER The auger spreading unit, two-spinning disc system, and other optional accessories can be combined to form an extremely versatile machine. The electrical and hydraulic components and the robust construction ensure high power in operation and reduced maintenance costs. The multitudes of standard equipment and the control options mean that jobs are carried out perfectly with the highest power and quality. POWER AND PRECISION Thanks to our long experience and sophisticated technology down to the detail, we can offer you the high spreading accuracy and uniform spreading...

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Spreading unit . ss, ► Spinning disc (D) ► Combination of auger + spinning disc system (K) We offer different spreader configurations: a powerful auger spreading unit, a wide two-spinning disc system, or a combination of both. Optimal attachment of the available spreading units to the body means that it is easy to retrofit, or to convert from one type to the other. TWO SPINNING DISCS UNIT Main features: • Removable system, choice between: fixed or retractable. • Spinning disc system diameter 700 mm with 5 reinforced stainless steel throwing vanes (adjustable). • Driven by hydraulic motors...

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DISCHARGE CONTROL AND MONITORING FROM THE CAB CONTROL TERMINALS FOR LW & PW The spreaders are equipped with controllers which can adjust the dosing according to the type of material and the desired spreading quantity. ► ISOBUS through an external tractor terminal ► ISOBUS terminal OPUS A3 4.3” colour display, 8 function keys, assigned with the most important control functions + selector wheel for parameters. ► ISOBUS terminal OPUS A6 7” colour display, 12 function keys, assigned with the most important control functions + selector wheel for parameters + touchpad. Dynamic weighing device...

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Technical carrying capacity (t) IDEAL FOR PROFESSIONAL USE Models in the product range CHOOSE THE MODEL THAT SUITS YOUR REQUIREMENTS Model Unladen weight (t) depending on equipment 5.5 8.5 8.7 Loading height (m) / tyre 0 (mm) 3280/1860 3180/1500 3370/1500 Number of axles x axle beam size (mm) 1 x 150 reinforced 2 x 130 2 x 130 Available auger lengths (m) 12 and 14 14 and 16 14 and 16

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THOUGHT-THROUGH IN DETAIL ► Simple maintenance Immediate access to control and regulation technology. ► Powerful drive A robust and reliable spur gear drive transmits the required torque to the drive shaft (0 60 mm) and drives the belt even under heavy load. ► Robust chassis The optimised tandem chassis provides maximum stability in difficult conditions. A dynamic weighing system can be retrofitted. ► Efficiency through technology As standard, the high-quality high-power hydraulics supply all the hydraulic functions through a cooled hydraulic oil tank and an axial piston adjustment pump....

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model series 8 to 17 Technical carrying capacity (t) Models in the product range IDEAL FOR VARYING PROFESSIONAL APPLICATIONS 8CHOOSE THE MODEL THAT SUITS YOUR REQUIREMENTS Model Available auger lengths (m)

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RIDE COMFORT ► Ideal framework conditions The self-supporting tank construction is welded through-and-through and has numerous reinforcements for greater stability. The body geometry of the LW spreader is perfectly adapted to the application and thus ensures a good material flow. For greater safety and comfort at work and on the roads, the LW spreaders are fitted with various equipment items as standard. For 2-axle models, a trailer steering axle is also available as an option. ► Powerful drive The rolling floor is driven by a powerful, robust, lowmaintenance spur gear drive. This powerful...

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Suitable for your requirements 10 Thanks to the numerous equipment options, you can configure a high-performance spreader which is not only adapted to your particular purposes, but also meets your needs in matters of comfort. Hydraulic canopy cover (optional) Body can be uncovered hydraulically Combing roller (optional) To loosen up the material Hydraulically operated two-part metering gate (optional for the LW, standard on the PW) Special granulate spinning disc system (optional) Quick release coupling for quick change to a granulate spinning disc system Pneumatic filling Ø 100 mm...

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ENVIRONMENT ► Recycled spreading materials Growing environmental awareness is drawing more and more interest in the use of organic materials for spreading. Current regulations specify the type of material, the dosage, and the optimal time limits for application depending on the type of crop. Spreading units from Streumaster ensure an optimal balance between material, dosage and discharge, and include tracking and documentation. ► Soil protection Strain relief and optimal soil protection with large-format tyres (various sizes offered). FOCUS ON BINDING AGENT SPREADERS FOR SOIL STABILISATION...

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Distribution location ► GUTZWILLER GROUP SAS 4 rue de l'Industrie F-68360 Soultz Production location ► STREUMASTER GMBH Handwerkstraße 1, D – 84546 Egglkofen ► PANIEN C. & D. SAS 3 rue de Sains F-62860 Inchy-en-Artois All descriptions and information correspond to the current state of development and are under reserve. Gutzwiller Group 2017© 05_

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