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|  Sbis Handling | ra ium quid  | | Egg molut lam Pas Reform Egg setting system To place hatching eggs point down in setter trays Bovendorpsstraat 11 7038 CH Zeddam The Netherlands Phone +31 314 659 111 www.pasrefor

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Egg setting system Benefits Solid, reliable system for placing eggs onto setter trays combines gentle egg handling with 99.7 per cent point down setting to maximize hatchability. Automatic setter tray destacking and loading pressure sensor to control egg infeed, as well as a double egg sensor to detect remaining eggs between the roller track and the cup conveyor. Eggs can be set both on matrix (SmartTray™ 150) and on honeycomb (SmartTray™ 162) structured trays. An extra tray denester for 30 egg trays can be supplied to repack the eggs after point down correction, for transport to other...

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