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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 1

Informed decision-making Hatchery Technologies

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 2

Complete data capture for total hatchery control

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 3

Climate history Food safety, sustainability and animal welfare have become strategic, business critical factors in the poultry value chain. Increasing consumer awareness of the origin and safety of food means that today's retailers and fast food chains demand complete traceability from their suppliers, especially when choosingfresh produce, meat and poultry products. Meeting this demand is shaping the future for modern hatcheries. SmartCenterPro™ is a hatchery information system created to deliver precise, consistent process control through every level of hatchery operations. Incubation,...

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 4

Making powerful connections Incubation, automation and climate control in one network All SmartCenterPro™ functions are available in three main Hatchery Management Incubation Programming Hatchery Overview included with SmartCenterPro™, ready-populated with default programme tiers: Hatchery Overview, Hatchery Management At the heart of SmartCenterPro™ a fully interactive floor plan, uniquely customised to each individual hatchery, shows the current status in every area of operations, including alarms and maintenance, in a single screen view. Essential functions and parameters for each...

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 5

SmartCenterPro™ is supplied with additional digital inputs that can be configured to other devices. Once an alarm is triggered, automated voice dialling contacts a designated staff group with a pre-recorded, alarm-specific, own-language voice message until the call is answered. Entering a pin code to acknowledge receipt of the call stops the automated dialler. The responding staff member need only access the SmartCenterPro™ overview screen, to identify the alarm source and take the necessary action. Any equipment failure or programme deviation can be rapidly identified and resolved from any...

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 6

Intelligent data capture for informed decision-making Hatchery Analysis Powerful, simple-to-use data analysis tools are incorporated into SmartCenterPro™, to make light work of optimising performance while building a detailed historical database that charts every process and event in day to day operations - and can easily be exported to Excel format. Integrated data from incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems produces a unique ‘cycle report’ for every batch of eggs, including full traceability information with details of chick uniformity, setter and hatcher climate,...

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 7

Track & Trace Batch-specific databasebuilding SmartCenterPro™ delivers the most comprehensive and detailed Track & Trace capability available. From the origin of the hatching eggs at the breeder farm, to the receipt of the day old chicks by the customer’s farm, SmartCenterPro™ makes short work of charting, refining and reporting on every event in the hatchery journ

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 8

Fully interactive, hatchery-specific floor plan Monitor and control incubation settings ‘Zoom the room’ for detailed operating parameters Monitor and control chick counting Climate reports charted in easy-to-read graphs Smart connectivity in the modern hatchery Three main program tiers for rapid access to SmartCenterPro™’s complete information system: Hatchery Overview - Continuously monitor incubators, hatchery automation and climate control systems - ine-tune settings for optimum incubation conditions F at all times Hatchery Management - anage key functions from track & trace, alarm M...

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 9

Hatch window recorded in easy-to-read graphs Air handling unit control system Batch-specific traceability information Chilled water system control Database with flexible incubation programmes Maintenance-management programmes Technical support manuals

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SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System - 10

Unparalleled data insights from every area of hatchery operations Every egg-to-chick journey and hatchery process, from the receipt of hatching eggs to sending the day old chicks to the farm, culminates in a unique cycle report, containing batch specific information on traceability, chick uniformity, setter and hatcher climate, hatchery climate and alarms. Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies Pas Reform P.O. Box 2 7038 ZG Zeddam The Netherlands Phone +31 314 659 111 Fax +31 314 652 575 E-mail Internet

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