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ATTACHED TO YOUR FREEDOM With 20 years’ experience manufacturing electronic tying machines, our teams have worked to develop a tool designed with the user in mind. With its built-in battery, comfortable handle, and a comprehensive range of Pellenc ties, the Fixion 2 gives you unparalleled freedom of movement, productivity, and speed. Light and easy to handle, it provides time savings of up to 50% compared to tying by hand. With more than a full day's work on one battery charge, your productivity gains will be off the chart. The reel can be fitted to the tool or the user’s belt. We offer a...

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Built-in battery • Great freedom of movement • Fast working • Lightweight: tool + built-in battery = 800 gr Unparalleled productivity • Time savings of 50% compared to tying by hand • Battery life: up to 15,000 ties per charging cycle New design • Ergonomic handle • Quick and easy reel change Adaptable • Reel fitted in or on belt • Spool selector: 4 levels PELLENC TIES 5 types of tie, with varying strengths according to weather conditions and weight

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CORDLESS TOOL Tie intake Brushless gear motor 100% PELLENC manufacture Hanging hook Power button Charging connector Battery charge display Electric trigger Spool selector (4 levels possible) Micro-battery built into handle Ergonomic handle ONE TOOL, TWO USES 200M REEL ON BELT up to 1500 ties per reel REEL FEATURES SMALL REEL ON TOOL up to 450 ties per reel Maximum tying diameter - mm Ties per reel - (approximate) Battery life: Ties per charging cycle

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UP TO 50% TIME-SAVING* The efficiency of the Fixion 2 significantly reduces labour costs, making it a very cost-effective product. MANUAL (twisted clip) Calculation basis: simple guyot vines: 1 tie per stem - Density: 5000 stems / ha - Hourly labour cost: 10 € Standard ties: 2.80€ per reel *compared to tying by hand MADE-TO-MEASURE RANGE OF TIES Each type of tie is adapted to the environmental conditions of the vine, the weight of the plant growth being tied and the durability required. Standard Tie 10 to 12 months* Breakdown *Depending on weather conditions, load and quality of trellising...

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