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GreenPower LED production module

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Whether you use a multilayer system to grow the crispiest lettuce, the tastiest basil, or other vegetables or fruits, the GreenPower LED production module 3.0 enables you to optimize your lighting for every single crop to reach your business goals. Gain an edge in your market by tuning our dedicated light recipes to accommodate different growth stages, pre-harvest treatments, new crops. Thanks to the wide beam optics and high light output, this robust all-round module will prove to be a very economic investment. Key benefits • Adjust color and light level to optimize the growth cycle • Less modules needed due to wide beam optics • Provides high light output to maximize crop growth Our GreenPower LED production module 3.0 has been developed for growers who are looking for more flexible and cost-efficient ways to use LED grow lights to improve crop results and operational efficiency in closed, climate-controlled cultivation facilities. This module is ideal for multilayer systems to grow: • Lettuce and other leafy greens • Soft fruits • Herbs • Young plants The best light for every crop With our solution you can easily adapt the color spectra and light levels of various dedicated light recipes to meet the needs of different crops and growth phases. By optimizing these parameters, you can improve the quality, consistency and yield of your fresh produce. You can also steer specific plant characteristics, such as compactness, color intensity and taste to fit local customer and market requirements. This can be easily managed via the Philips GrowWise Control System on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

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Full flexibility The production module 3.0 is available in different versions and lengths to fit your preferences. The standard on-off modules come with our proven light recipes. The controllable versions allow color and light levels to be adjusted, and can be used with the GrowWise Control System (GWCS), stand-alone or integrated in your climate computer. This gives you full flexibility to create and control of your own time-based recipes. Cost effective solution The unique combination of high light output and widebeam optics means you can install 50% fewer modules, driving down your...

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