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A UNIQUE DESIGN The range TCI (Tanker with Chassis Integrated) has been the trademark of PICHON for more than forty years. This exclusive option increases the stability of PICHON tankers. The tanker, in conformity with the pressure European Directive DESP 2014/68/UE, is not fixed on an independent frame but is welded directly with the chassis, offering the lowest centre of gravity of the market. The rings and the ends are assembled side by side, then welded completely inside and outside by the welding process SAW (Immersed Arc Welding). In order to respect the standard (DESP), PICHON uses...

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MAKE YOUR TRANSPORT SAFER As the concern for the safety for the users is paramount, PICHON chooses carefully the components used in the manufacture of our tankers, such as the axles. The slurry tanker is an agricultural vehicle, used mainly on road. It is thus important to define the number of axles, their dimension, and especially the size of brakes in accordance with the volume of the tanker. The quality and the choice of the tyres are fundamental for the users in order to work with high performance on all working conditions. PICHON offers also tankers approved 40km/h in France with a...

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See and "being seen" are two essential aspects of road safety. The choice of a vacuum pump depends on the working conditions and the capacity of the tanker. PICHON has a wide range of vacuum pumps: air or water-cooled as well as lobe and centrifugal pumps according to the flows and pressure to be reached. The hitch is the first tool for safety. All ring hitches or Ø80mm Ball hitches are standardized and bolted. REAR DOORS In order to facilitate maintenance, PICHON equips its tankers with large diameter rear doors, assembled on hinges. The choice of the rear door and the number of outlets...

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ELECTRIC CONTROL AXLES SUSPENSION The slurry tanker must adapt to the working conditions in the field and must offer an optimal handling at high speed. PICHON offers a wide selection between leaf springs suspension and active or passive hydraulic suspension. The Delta concept manufactured by PICHON is particularly adapted for a better clearance and an intensive uses under extreme conditions. Steering Bogie axle The choice of the free or the forced steering system will determine the maneuverability, reduce the wear of the tyres and ensure maximum safety. DRAWBAR SUSPENSIONS From their design...

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CHOOSE YOUR PUMPING SOLUTION BP2 Arm, positioned in a cone, is the ideal solution to fill slurry tankers that are difficult to access, without leaving the tractor cab. With its simplicity of use and low maintenance, the BP2 only requires one double acting spool valve thanks to the sequential block. It is available in version Ø150 and Ø200mm, with or without turbo filler. The plunger arm aims at pumping directly in buried or semi-buried pits. As standard with Ø200 and equipped with a reinforced structure, this model also fits immersed or articulated turbo fillers. As optional extra,...

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IMPROVE YOUR PUMPING OUTPUT THE CHOICE OF AN ADAPTED VACUUM PUMP IS ESSENTIAL. Its air outflow must be proportional to the tanker capacity to create the vacuum as fast as possible and especially to be able to maintain it without any loss of power. Lubricated by an automatic pump, the vacuum pump is provided with an oil tank on the side (according to the model). The operator will choose the oil collector/ air filter/ silencer in order to ensure a better longevity. For the intensive uses, it is advised to use a water cooled industrial vacuum pump. A TURBO FILLER TO IMPROVE THE OUTPUT....

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GIVE VALUE TO YOUR LIQUID MANURE The PICHON spreading bar, which has a fully galvanized structure, is mounted on a hydraulic rear linkage. Possible with double nozzles, multi nozzles or dribble bars , it can reach working widths from 9 to 30 m with several possible options (e.g.: simple or double distributors with or without macerator…). The injectors are available in 3 versions: the EL71 with discs Ø640, the EL61 with tines (Vibroflex or square) and the EL64 stubble injector Ø510 discs. The choice of a model is made according to the type of the ground on witch the slurry is to be applied...

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PICHON MACERATOR PICHON Vertical macerator ensures the crushing and the distribution of the thick slurry also sometimes full of foreign bodies. This macerator can fit the range of the spreading bars and injectors. The body of the macerator is fed with slurry under pressure. The rotation of the sharp knives against the steel plates ensures the homogenization of the slurry. PICHON conceived the macerator to guarantee a better regularity of spreading and to simplify maintenance. The greasing points and the stone trap are very easy to access.

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PICHON tankers, well known in the agricultural world, can also be used for other applications: pumping of the sewage sludge of the cities, the food wastes and applications for building industry . Each project is studied to fulfill the needs and the requirements of the users. Each PICHON tanker is personalized. The objective is to offer the solution in terms of equipment and service. As a consequence, TCI PICHON tankers meet the most varied needs, in many different sectors. Consult us to discover the panel of available equipment.

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MAKE YOUR EQUIPMENT EVOLVE Each tanker can be equipped with brackets offering the possibility to change the equipment. The user will be able to improve his original tanker in accordance with the evolution of his needs: in order to save time and to improve the comfort (filling arm), to give value to the slurry (rear linkage), to optimize the volume of the tanker (internal mixing)... | Bracket for top fill cone | Bracket for filling arm BP2 0150/200 | Bracket for mixer | Bracket complete semi-rigid rear linkage INVESTMENT PICHON offers the adapted equipment thanks to its customers' feedback....

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PROFILES OF THE WHEELS Axles 30000 L Tank TCI 30000L The recess is possible only on the tankers whose diameters are indicated in white lettering. SPREADING WIDTHS SPREADING / WIDTH Double nozzles spreader bar Multi-nozzles spreader bar Dribble bar Dribble bar with shoes Universal disc injector EL71 Tine injector EL61 Stubble disc injector EL64

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