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Display - dashboard: displays all the tractor's work parameters; 16,7 million colours, with sensor of ambient light to adjust automatically the display brightness. The supporting system featuring display fixed independently in the center of the steering wheel gives excellent visibility of all the parameters. The display features IP67 protection level, resistance to 5G shocks and vibrations and resistance to chemical products used in agriculture. KOHLER Engines Cab: certified, with excellent visibility, coloured window glass, the windows are in line with the tractor's body to avoid damages...

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A - Steering wheels • greater stability of the machine • less impact on the tool's movement while steering B - Central articulation • smaller turning radius • tool moves following the tractor's tracks (very useful when driving backward) • lateral movement of the tool while steering C - Contemporaneus use of both steering systems • significant lowering of the turning radius - up to 40% reduction • avoiding of slide down of the rear part of the machine while working across the slope The driving station is supported on silent blocks, it can be easily rotated for inversion of the driving...

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PIERRE trattori di G.B. Polentes & C. Via Novi, 19 - 15060 SILVANO D'ORBA (AL) ITALY Tel/fax +39 0143 841138 e-mail: info@pierretra.com • web: www.pierretra.com YnnfffllW www.youtube.com/pierretrattori Data and characteristics are given for information only and are not binding and may change without notice. Some photographs and images can include fittings and accessories on request.

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