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We believe that Russia can provide the most advanced insulation materials for smart temperature control. So that your business can save energy and money, anywhere in the world.

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ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES PH INSULATION If you are reading this, then you are probably already interested in sandwich panels or refrigeration. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR PH Insulation (ProfHolod) was founded 15 years ago. With the support of customers like you, we've evolved from a local company with a tiny office and one manufacturing facility into the leading Russian supplier of sandwich panels made with polyisocyanurate (PIR) and polyurethane (PUR). OUR INSULATION PRODUCTS ALLOW YOU TO •Save energy and cut construction costs using PIR Premier, the world's most advanced...

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ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES PH INSULATION PH Insulation is the number one Russian manufacturer of sandwich panels made with polyurethane insulation: PIR and PUR Over 2.7 m Over 8 000 Over 2 000 Over 15 years Square meters Cold room doors Customers annually On the Russian, of sandwich panels produced annually European, Middle East, produced annually US and CIS market 14 export destinations including USA, France, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan One out of three sandwich panels with PU manufactured in Russia annually is produced by PH Insulation

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PH INSULATION ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES Why Choose PH Insulation? • On-time delivery • Fixed prices regardless of the circumstances • Unlimited free consultations before and after signing a contract • Premium quality control by PH Insulation's R&D Center Installing cold room doors (hinged, sliding, and fire-rated). Installing industrial and traffic doors in your production areas, cafes, restaurants, or on any administrative premises Adding solar energy to your project Insulating your building with wall and roof sandwich-panels made with PIR Premier, PUR Classic, and mineral wool insulation %...

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ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES PH INSULATION 15 years ago, we made a decision to revolutionize how people regulate temperature. We chose PU because we are committed to reducing consumption of the planet's two most important resources: electricity and fuel. Our job is to produce the most energy-efficient insulation using the most advanced technology. We have always believed that Russia has the power to produce the most advanced products to preserve heat or cold. The biggest advantage of our insulation materials is their low thermal conductivity. At only 0.022 W/(m*k), our products' thermal...

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PH INSULATION ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES Sandwich panels with PIR Premier are also used to modernize and improve energy efficiency of buildings constructed from other materials. LETS COMPARETHE NUMBERS In terms of thermal insulation properties, polyurethane foam surpasses the characteristics of standard building materials, such as brick or concrete, by 15 times. A100 mm thick sandwich panel with PIR or PUR insulation retains as much heat or cold as a 1.5-meter brick wall. PU EPS Mineral Wool Cinder Blocks Bricks Thermal conductivity Thickness, mm, to retain the needed temperature on the same...

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ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES PH INSULATION Why Choose Polyurethane Foam Insulation aside from its Innovation and Energy Efficiency? YOU REDUCETRANSPORTCOSTS Lightweight and durable sandwich panels with PIR Premier or PUR Classic insulation are cheaper and easier to transport than tons of brick, cement, sand, reinforced concrete slabs or lumber. YOU REDUCE FOUNDATION COSTS Sandwich panels with PIR Premier and PUR Classic insulation reduce a building's total weight by 10 times or more compared to constructions made of brick, concrete, other building materials. YOU INCREASE INTERNAL FLOOR AREA...

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ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES PH INSULATION For over three years, our custom-made, high quality PIR Premier blend has been used in both sandwich panels and PIR Plita® Board insulator delivering optimal thermal conductivity and physical and mechanical properties. This is because PIR Premier was created specifically for our Pu.Ma lines, whereas most other polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturers use universal foam produced by a limited range of manufacturers. We created PIR Premier in partnership with international corporations Dow, BASF, and Evonik in 2016. The System is certified according to...

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PH INSULATION ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEM To guarantee that our sandwich panels and PIR Plita® Board insulators are of the highest quality, we carefully select PIR system components in our R&D Center, which has been active since 2016. Among our selection criteria are the foam's physicomechanical properties, flowability, and low thermal conductivity. There are 36 parameters in total. Because we are dedicated to guaranteeing that every component of our system is high-quality, we have held negotiations with 10 suppliers of chemical agents from around the world to find the best...

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To improve the operational properties of sandwich panels and determine optimal technological modes for each of the panel thicknesses, the R&D Center daily collects and processes more than 4 GB of data and multimedia information coming from the production line. The R&D Center conducts tests for destructive control in compliance with European standard EN 14509 based on the following criteria: •Rupture •Compression •Middle layer shift •Bending span and on the following non-destructive criteria: •Artificial aging •Thermal conductivity measurement Every week we destroy, cut, tear, press, burn,...

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ENERGY SAFE TECHNOLOGIES PH INSULATION What’s Inside a PU Sandwich Panel? Sandwich panels consist of three layers. Both sides are covered with galvanized and painted coated metal sheets and a protective film for transportation. The space between the metal sheets, the core, is filled with an insulating layer, either fireproof PIR Premier polyisocyanurate foam or PUR Classic polyurethane foam. Fire Resistance Thermal conductivity RDOF SANDWICH PANELS WITH PIR PREMIER On one side, the roof sandwich panels have 40 mm high trapezoidal rib stiffeners. The other side has a 1.5 mm deep micro...

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