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The FT-NIR Analyzer Dairy, Food, Agri, Feed & Bioenergy

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Quant Spectroscopy Superior FT technology and sampling perfectly matched High value of ownership based on representative results If representative results matter to you, the Quant FTNIR analyzer from Q-Interline is the right choice. The Quant is used for non-destructive analysis of solids, powders, pastes and liquids. It will supply you with fast and representative results. The Quant is ideal for production optimization and quality control. It will ensure that you know what is really in your product. Exceptional spectral performance The Quant from Q-Interline is the only analyzer based on...

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Quant Sampling State of the art analyzer with unique sampling Spiral Sampling For heterogene samples of all kinds The Spiral Concept will change the way you work. The Quant equipped with the patented spiral sampler offers truly representative scanning of heterogene samples. Scanning an amazing 375 cm2 surface in FT-NIR quality. The Spiral Sampler provides up 20 times more scanning surface than traditional petri dish solutions. With the Spiral Sampler you can avoid cumbersome and time consuming pretreatment of the samples. Jar Sampling For sealed tumbling and scanning of dry products The Jar...

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Quant software InfraQuant for easy and secure operation InfraQuant InfraQuant is included with all Quant systems. InfraQuant is continuously improved in collaboration with our customers and offers an easy to use platform to streamline QC operations and produce analytical results of high and trusted quality. InfraQuant has an advanced configuration module allowing secure and customized configurations. Analysis InfraQuant guides the operator through the analysis sequence. With information messages, warnings and reminders, the wizard ensures consistent results independent of operator skills...

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Since 1996 Q-Interline has specialized in developing and providing analytical solutions to our customers. We provide solutions for quality and process control. Commitment, integrity and competence Through commitment, integrity and competence Q-Interline offers high quality solutions to a wide variety of industries. Our customers acknowledge us as a trusted supplier and technical advisor due to our unique solutions, extensive knowledge, outstanding support and long-term commitment. We provide value through insight Our experience, along with our understanding of business and processes,...

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Quant Analyzer SPECTROSCOPIC PERFORMANCE (typical, at 25 °Celsius with InAs detector) Interferometer Spectral Range 3,700 to 14,885 cm-1 Signal to Noise (60 s, 16 cm-1, at peak response) > 500 000: 1 (InAs) Frequency Repeatability (@ 7300 cm-1) < 0.006 cm-1 Frequency Accuracy (@ 7300 cm-1) < 0.01 cm-1 Absorbance Reproducibility (toluene) < 0.002 AU Detector Options: DTGS, InAs, InGaAs OPTICAL BENCH Beamsplitter Material ZnSe (non-hygroscopic) Patented Interferometer Mechanism. High-throughput double pivot Michelson, fully jacketed Source (with electronic stabilization) Quartz Halogen,...

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