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Company Profile KSK Quadra Machinery Ltd Your trusted partner in agricultural post-harvest solutions

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a lifelong relationship KSK Quadra Machinery Ltd. is your complete solution provider of high-end, quality products, machinery, and equipment to address all your agricultural post-harvest needs. Our wide range of products and services are each specifically catered to our different customer segments in the agricultural value chain, including cold stores, packhouses, processing facilities, sorting facilities, and more in the Middle East and Africa. Strategically based in Lebanon and Cyprus, we speak your language, understand the dynamics of the region, and are within close proximity of our...

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OUR EXPERTISE Our mission is to provide complete, turn-key projects comprising of different yet complimentary products and solutions. Quadra is the trusted integrator for post-harvest solutions with more than 50 years of experience in: Fruit, Vegetable, and Grain Sorting Vegetable Processing Vertical and Horizontal Packaging Fruit and Vegetable Coatings and Detergents

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FRUIT, VEGETABLE, AND GRAIN SORTING Complete lines of sorting equipment for every need FRUIT SORTING Quadra offers optical sorting systems for small, medium, and large fruits like cherries, apples, and watermelons. Our machines are engineered and adapted to ensure a smooth transition between feeding, treatment, sorting, and packaging of the fruits. Our greatest innovation lies in the machine's state-of-the-art sorting technology which attains unrivalled results in sorting by shape, size, shades of color, and quality. VEGETABLE SORTING Quadra provides you the most comprehensive range of...

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VEGETABLE PROCESSING From slicing and dicing, to freezing and drying PEELING/CUTTING At Quadra, you will find tailored lines for peeling, cutting / slicing / dicing (into different cutting sizes and shapes), washing, and spin drying your produce. Our processing lines are well-suited for vegetables such as lettuce, salads, onions, peppers, celery, endive, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, beetroot, cucumber, potato, tomato, herbs, and many more, as well as a large number of fruits such as pumpkin, butternut, mango, plum, avocado, melon, etc. “We have chosen them from the beginning for their...

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VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL PACKAGING Mesh- and film-based packaging machines, equipment, and accessories VERTICAL PACKAGING Quadra promises you the best vertical packaging machines for all production capacities for your potatoes, tomatoes, onions, avocados, oranges, lemons, tangerines, and more. Our mesh-based packaging machines are unmatched in terms of engineering, innovation, precision, and detail, and are recognized at the forefront of the fruit and vegetable packaging industry. HORIZONTAL PACKAGING Our flow pack machines are also ideal for packing fresh vegetable varieties of all shapes...

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COATINGS AND DETERGENTS Protective coatings and sanitizing detergents for fruits and vegetables COATING AGENTS Our coating agents are specifically formulated with purified natural components and water-soluble emulsifiers specific to the fruits and vegetables you wish to coat. Our high-quality Italian coating agents not only improve the appearance of your produce, but also provide natural benefits such as: Delaying the aging process of the fruits and vegetables Providing a protective shield around fruits during packaging and transport operations Controling dehydration and weight loss of...

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PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Agrintesa, IT - 20 T/h Kiwi Sorting Plant A €5 billion investment including two parallel lines, 32 outlets, pregrading and packaging made Agrintesa’s facility the most powerful sorting plant in Europe. Thanks to its 8+8 lines and 32 outlets and two parallel systems, this line can process 18 to 20 tons an hour. The quality detection system processes all variables as well as external and internal defects of every single fruit. Agrintesa chose our partners Ser.mac for the job to guarantee a cutting-edge, reliable system for their facility which is part of an important...

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PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS HAK Fresh, NL - 3T/h Vegetable Processing Plant As the Number 1 brand in freshly preserved fruits and vegetables, HAK maintains their top quality products by choosing the best processing machines on the market. This is where they chose our partners Jegerings for their latest upgrade to their line given the offered flexibility in the machines, creativity of tackling problems in the existing process, and great service and follow up. The upgrade consists of 2 lines to cut several types of vegetables in multiple shapes and sizes such as 5 mm julienne cucumbers and onions and...

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