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QUANTURI TANGO MMultipoint temperature monitoring system for grain Temperature management is vital in preventing grain spoilage caused by insects, mites, fungus and mycotoxins. The Quanturi grain system monitors the status of your grain stores in real-time, providing early warning of problems. The Quanturi Tango M system is composed of Quanturi Tango M wireless temperature probes with multipoint measurements, base station, alarm and visualization services. monitoring system provides the ambient temperature in the handle of the probe and the temperature at several levels in the grain along the spike. It allows optimizing the use of ventilation, thereby cutting your utility expenses significantly. Compliance With the Quanturi grain monitoring system you will avoid the time-consuming, tedious and expensive task of manually measuring and documenting temperatures. Visualize and print your data easily and instantly. Control the quality Warm grain invites pests and mould, which reduces grain quality and profits. With Quanturi keeping track of your grain is simple and you can always be sure that you are producing top quality grain. Less spoilage means more money for you. Save money If you run the fans excessively, your grain can lose too much moisture. If it becomes over dried, it becomes lighter and not as valuable. Quanturi grain multipoint Features : • Multiple temperature measurements inside grain • Ambient temperature measurement in the handle • 24/7 quality control over grain stores • Real-time temperature monitoring • Optimization of drying and fan usage • Temperature history for traceability • Robust, weatherproof and easy grip probes • Configurable SMS alert levels • Probe locator editor • Easy installation and maintenance free Lars Sonckin kaari 10 © 2020 - This document is provided for information 02600 Espoo, Finland purposes only. Contents are subject to change.

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Technical details Tango M Probe • Bright color that is easily visible in the storage. • Durable and reusable from season to season: the batteries of the probes have a long lifetime and can be replaced. • Measurement point every meter for increased coverage. • Ambient temperature measurement in the handle. Lars Sonckin kaari 10 © 2020 - This document is provided for information 02600 Espoo, Finland purposes only. Contents are subject to change.

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Measurement points Base station Qucanturi, Handle - 100cm - 200 cm - 300 cm - 400 cm The Tango M sensors communicate with an IP67 certified base station, which transfers the temperature measurements to The temperatures can be checked at any given time via the service. The base station contains a pre-configured SIM-card. Radio frequency Server communication SIM card included and configured (2G) Power supply Power plug Repeater (Optional) * : • • ♦ • • The Repeater is placed in between the base station and the sensors. • Several Repeaters can be installed to cover...

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Power supply Reading distance in free space Power plug Qucanturi, Reference Quanturi service The Grain data service plan is tailored for both grain silos and bulk storage. The specially designed features allow for an efficient and automated monitoring of the grain temperature all year round. SMS alerts are sent in case of any abnormal temperature rise to act in time and prevent grain spoilage. The service application includes features likes temperature history of each probe, custom alert levels, and data reporting. The application can be used on computer, tablet or mobile phone and is...

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Efficient remote monitoring Temperature history • Temperature history for each individual probe for up to 1 year. • Clear interface allowing temperature comparison between multiple measurement points inside grain and outside temperature • Adjustable viewing period per day, month or year. • Adjustable alert levels for alert SMS messages Data analysis • Traceable data reports for each batch of grain. • Data analyzing, reporting and archiving. • Data export for further analysis. Virtual storage map • Virtual custom location map of the storing facility. • Probe placement for easier location in...

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