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QUANTURI TANGO XNTemperature monitoring system for compost The wireless Tango XN temperature probes provide real-time and continuous temperature monitoring to optimize the biowaste transformation process into compost. Our technology assures you a gain in productivity from continuous monitoring of your compost all along the fermentation phases. The Quanturi system ensures the traceability of your compost, its quality and its consistency with the regulations in force. You can generate reports and have a complete view of the composting process from the temperature history. Setting temperature thresholds also allows you to receive phone alerts to proceed accordingly. Temperature monitoring is done via a computer or smartphone. Key features : • Real time and continuous temperature monitoring • Durable and well visible yellow wireless probes • Increased traceability towards a HACCP approach • Compatibility with all installation configurations: composting platforms and digestate management • Remote monitoring of several composting platforms • Compliance with hygienisation phases of compost (For example 55 °C/72h or 70 °C/1h or 65 °C/7d or 55 °C/14d according to the biomass) • Compliance with the Rottegrad test during maturation (stabilization of T°<40 °C) • Prevention of fire risk caused by self-heating • Prevention of work accidents by minimizing involvements in compost heaps. Lars Sonckin kaari 10 © 2020 - This document is provided for information 02600 Espoo, Finland purposes only. Contents are subject to change.

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Technical detailsTango XN The Tango XN temperature probes have been specifically designed for use in compost. The probes are extremely robust, strong and durable. The Tango XN wireless probes are made of stainless steel, which ensures their resistance in a corrosive environment. The battery has a lifetime of 2 to 3 years and can be replaced. The Tango XN probes are yellow and easy to spot and are suitable for both open windrows and box composting. Lars Sonckin kaari 10 02600 Espoo, Finland © 2020 - This document is provided for information purposes only....

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Base station The Tango XN sensors communicate with an IP67 certified base station, which transfers the temperature measurements to the Cloud. The temperatures can be checked at any given time via the service. The base station contains a pre-configured SIM-card. Usage Radio frequency Server communication SIM card included and configured Supports 2G Power supply Power plug Repeater (optional) • The Repeater is placed in between the base station and the sensors. It duplicates the maximum distance to the sensors. • Several Repeaters can be installed to cover several storage areas...

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Quanturi service The web application gives full control over the temperature monitoring process of compost. The composting site can be virtually mapped to visualize the location and the temperature history of each probe placed in compost. Specific compost processes such as sanitation, maturation, curing or fermentation can be defined and tracked over time to ensure conformity of compost. Activity reports are also available for traceability and compliance with Authorities and regulations. The application can be used on computer, tablet or mobile phone and is available at:...

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Efficient remote temperature monitoring Temperature history • Historical data for the entire composting site (processes, temperatures, annotations, descriptions). • Virtual mapping of the composting site, the location of the temperature probes and the temperature distribution within windrows. Batch process monitoring • Dedicated processes for specific biowastes. • Optimization of composting processes (turning, aeration, maturation) from real-time temperature monitoring. Conformity reports • Traceable data reports for each windrow. • Temperature data available for further analysis. •...

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