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Implements for front loaders Your Original

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The right implement for any task It is quite simple, really. If you use our original implements you will never have to have the second best when it comes to joy of work and profitability. You see and you sense that you always have the right tools for the job. Your jobs are always done with the maximum efficiency. Thanks to our superior quality, the fun of using our implements will last a long time – and so will the benefits. In short, choose the original and maximise your front loader

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Your choice of implement hooks With our original implements, you get the widest range of implements on the market. Additionally, they also come with a choice of hooks that fit most loaders. Implement hooks that fit a variety of modern front loaders, such as Quicke series Q, Trima with W-frame and other loader brands with Euro implement carriers. Suitable for Quicke and Trima front loaders with Combi carrier; plus other loaders fitted with an SMS implement carrier, including Kelve, Vreten and Howard. Suitable for fully hydraulic, slightly older loaders. * Selecto Fix/ Multi Doc 2TM is...

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Quadrogrip® UNBEATABLE HANDLING OF SQUARE, ROUND AND WRAPPED BALES, LARGE OR SMALL Quadrogrip is the best implement on the market for handling of round and square bales. The implement arms are mounted on 350 mm wide, extremely stable sliding plates, which move along the main frame. You can lock either the left or the right arm and this will help when stacking. Total width, cm Bale size, cm Arm length, cm Weight, kg The sliding runners are serviceable and manufactured in high-quality polyethylene and do not require lubrication. The sliding surfaces are vertical to stop the dirt from...

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Flexigrip™ CAREFUL AND EFFECTIVE HANDLING OF LYING AND STANDING BALES The Flexigrip arms are mounted on heavy duty hinges that have replaceable bushings. You can lock either the left or the right implement arm, but there is still some movement and this makes it possible to stack bales tightly without damaging the plastic wrapping round the bale. The implement arms are also designed in such a way that it is easy to reverse away from the bale and this is an advantage when bales have to be stacked tightly. The uniquely curved and rounded shapes as well as the 90 mm tubes contribute greatly to...

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Bale spike SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE The bale spike is particularly well suited to handling round bales. The longer tine is used to safely transporting the bale. The shorter tine stops the bale from rotating. BALE SPIKE Width, cm Tine length, cm Weight, kg Square bale fork - Standard FOR ROUND AND SQUARE BALES The Square bale fork is a simple and sturdy implement for both round and square bales. The tines in the lower box section can be installed 80 or 130 cm apart. The Square Bale Fork may be supplied with a U-shaped Rear extension that supports the top bale as an optional extra. SQUARE BALE...

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SILAGE IMPLEMENTS Powergrab™ POWERGRAB™ – YOUR NEEDS, OUR INSPIRATION This design was inspired by your requirements. A very powerful universal implement with high work throughput. Well suited for silage as well as for many other demanding grabbing and scooping tasks. Powergrab is primarily designed for handling silage, but is also suitable for various grabbing and scooping work in agriculture, council and lesser contract work. The Powergrab is filled by angling the grab down at about 45 degrees into the silage and this gives the maximum fill possible when the grab is closed. The design of...

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SILAGE IMPLEMENTS Cylinder sizes VERSATILE AND RELIABLE WORKHORSE The new Silocut features welded tine sleeves, bolt on knifes, conus 3 tines and upgrades that improves serviceability. Thanks to the hardened cutting knifes on the front edge and sides of the Silocut, it leaves a clean cut surface in the silage. Angled side knifes cut against the side plates to ensure the material is cut towards the rear of the Silocut, preventing tearing and create a clean side cut. By having a clean cut, it prevents the admission of air and generation of heat, critical for feed quality, while consuming less...

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SILAGE IMPLEMENTS The closed bottom piece of the bucket ensures that all the material is always completely gathered up. Multibenne, designed according to the same principles as Silograb, can handle many different types of fodder and manure as well. Therefore you need not change implements when feeding your animals. If you have a diet feeder that has to be loaded with various feeds, Multibenne is your best choice. The requirements and demands to which we have paid particular attention are: It should be perfectly suited for its purpose – namely silage handling. Therefore the sides are tapered...

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Stone fork A SIMPLE WAY TO IMPROVING STABILITY “Pick up and keep”. The distinctive design provides considerable potential to fill the implement without dropping any of the stones already in the bucket. Mounted at the front end are hardened tines made of Hardox steel which point downwards. After many hours of hard work, it is then easy to replace these tines. The cross tubes (50 x 100 mm) stabilize the 30 mm tines. Please also note that the back end of this model is higher that that of previous models. The counter-weight improves the stability of the tractor/ loader unit. Connection and...

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LIFTING IMPLEMENTS Pallet forks MAXIMUM DURABILITY AND STABILITY The upper support of the backframe is made in one piece. The beam has holes for lateral adjustment and provides secure positioning of the forks. The load is distributed over a large area thanks to the large load-bearing surfaces of the forks. This special design gives you a stable fork that never tilts or wobbles. Naturally, the forks are designed with a wide margin of safety in mind. PALLET FORKS Width, cm Fork length, cm Fork height, cm Max load, kg Fork type Weight, kg Our high quality hydraulic pallet forks are, in brief,...

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