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QuietCool Brochure

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QuietCool www.Quietaire.com QuietCool Portable Evaporative Coolers

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QuietCool Brand Portable Evaporative Coolers QuietCool evaporated air cools down hot warehouses efficiently. Pump Fan Switch Water Control majority of cases of heat stress and heat related Electrical illness occur indoors? Water Connect Front Non-corrosive, thick gauge metal make up fan panel. Together with metal angle bars give the unit superior structural strength. Unit is secured with stainless steel nuts and bolts with nylon inserts to secure polyethylene housing to frame securely. Thick gauge aluminum angle bar at top gives structural strength to the unit and holds cooling pads in...

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QuietCool Differences and Advantages to you With QuietCool - just hook up a garden hose - plug into your electricity and turn it on. Thick gauge Aluminum angle bar keeps unit from sagging. PVC Pipe at top delivers water up into the metal pad channel that distributes water evenly across 6” thick evaporative pads. Water proof, heavy duty industrial electrical box. Industrial duty, water proof electrical lines. Heavy duty water hoses. Easy access, thick gauge water filter. Thick gauge aluminum make up fan panel. Note: Structural angle bars that provide additional strength to Motor, automatic...

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Accessories & Products Add a tube extension adapter and a length of polyethelyne tube with holes to distribute cooled air to specific locations. Part # QC36TE Tube Extension Adapter NSN 4130-01-507-7075 Part # QRT60 - 60 Gallon Reservoir Tank Portable water reservoir rolls easily to any location. NSN-4130-01-449-4618 48” 2 Speed Belt Drive - QC48B2 - 48” Belt drive, 2 speed, 1 hp motor, 120v, 9.8 Amps, - totally enclosed, high efficiency. Rated @ 17,600 cfm on high / 11,300 cfm on low. Sound rating: 68 dba / high, 64 dba / low. Water Pump - submersible, high efficiency and maintenance free....

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Cool off your outdoor cookouts. Keep your family and friends more comfortable outside. QC36B3 - 36” Belt drive, 3 speed, 1/2 hp motor 120v 8.4/6.3/3.2 Amps - totally enclosed, high efficiency and maintenance free. Rated @ 9,700 cfm on high, 6,410 on medium and 4,850 on low. Sound rating: 66 dba / high, 62 / medium and 55 / low. Water Pump - submersible, high efficiency and maintenance free. 1/6 hp, 120V, 5 Amps. Cools 2,500 sq.ft. NSN-4120-01-449-7535 QC36B1XHL EXPLOSION PROOF - 36” Belt drive, 1 speed, 3/4 hp motor 120v, 10.3 Amps- totally enclosed, high efficiency and maintenance free....

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Executive Report & Financial Decisions (ROI) “All I know is . . . it’s the first thing my workers turn on in the morning!” Executive Report Explanation Ever witness a natural rain storm approaching where the temperature dropped noticeably cooler? That cooling effect was evaporated water in the air. QuietCool actually generates evaporated air to cool down your employees. Overview The QuietCool is like a large floor fan - only better. It blows cooler air - because the large fan blade pulls in large volumes of air through 6” water saturated cooling pads - the outside heat is released and the...

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Accessories & Products QuietCool cools welders and helps to remove caustic gases so they can see their work. HAF 18” Horizontal Air Flow Fan - 18” fan blade, 1 speed direct drive, 1/10hp motor,120 volt .9Amps, high efficiency. Rated @ 2,000 cfm. Dimensions: 18” diameter, 20” x 8”, 16 Lbs. Comes with 3 types of hangers. FC3076 Floor Circulator Fan - 30” fan blade, 3 speed direct drive,1/2 hp motor, 120 volt 3.2Amp, high efficiency. Rated @ 5,450cfm H / 4,796cfm L.Weight: 50 Lbs. Dimensions 40” x 40” by 18”, 36” fan blade. Roll unit to any area, plug it in and feel the powerful velocity....

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How to order Relative Humidity Chart Treatment Tablets for all QuietCools - Treatment: 1 tablet for 36” coolers. • Adds life to cooler equipment • Increase cooling efficiency • End swampy odors • Stop scale deposits EPA registered protection from harmful air-borne organisms found in evaporative coolers. Model QCG 1001 Water Stabilizer Environmentally friendly Chemical Free Water Treatment. Removes existing scale, corrosion and algae. The Water Stabilizer suspends particles in the water and flushes out - when you flush out the sump. This unit will extend the life of your unit, the plumbing...

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