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A5 PC™ Series Pressure Compensating Ag Dripline Next generation drip technology from the world leader in irrigation

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Rain Bird® A5 PC™ Dripline with GritX™ Emitter Technology: Superior design for superior reliability in the field GritX™ Emitter Technology drives the advanced performance of Rain Bird’s low-profile A5 PC emitter, providing you the ultimate in reliable performance and uniform water distribution. State-of-the-art assembly technology helps resist bending and collapsing under extreme field use Chemical-resistant silicone diaphragm for longer life Dual-flushing emitter design clears grit and debris to provide reliable supply of clean water to crops Larger inlet holes let debris pass instead of...

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Rain Bird® GritX™ Emitter Technology removes the obstacles to reliable irrigation Growers face difficult challenges in the field every day. Efficient, worry-free irrigation shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why Rain Bird engineers developed grit-resistant, self-cleaning GritX Emitter Technology. Rain Bird® GritX™ Emitter Flat emitter Only allows the cleanest available water to enter from the center of the tubing, no matter what the position of the emitter. Industry’s widest flow path for superior clog resistance. Typical Round Emitter Round emitter Draws water near the inside wall of the...

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Engineered, manufactured and tested with your needs in mind You now have a choice when it comes to flat-emitter, pressurecompensating hard hose dripline. Rain Bird engineers leveraged over 75 years of irrigation expertise to develop state-of-the-art Ag dripline that meets or exceeds the performance of any Ag dripline on the market. Rain Bird® A5 PC™ Dripline is designed to address the key issues confronting growers today: Reliable, steady flow A5 PC’s grit-tolerant, clog-resistant design ensures that water will keep flowing to your crops, whether it is being drawn from a well, pond,...

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Key advantages Greater uniformity Pressure-compensating emitter performance over the entire lateral length ensures consistent, accurate watering for healthier crops. Exceptional durability Structurally robust design stands up to abuse from tractors and harvesting equipment. Specially formulated silicone diaphragm resists damage from chemicals and grit, adding to durability and longterm, worry-free performance. Unmatched UV protection Manufactured from a unique, field-proven resin blend that holds up against destructive UV radiation better than the competition. Resists cracking and splitting...

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Rain Bird has a rich history serving the agricultural community. Beginning in 1933 with the invention of the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler by a Glendora, California citrus farmer (U.S. Patent #1,997,901), Rain Bird revolutionized the food production industry and ushered in a new era in irrigation, worldwide. The original impact sprinkler was designated a historic landmark in 1990 by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Rain Bird has been awarded more than 130 patents for innovative irrigation products and technologies. Today, Rain Bird products are used in...

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