Spray Nozzles -- 2018 Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation Products Catalog - 22 Pages

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Spray Nozzles -- 2018 Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation Products Catalog

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Spray Nozzles Introduction    Spray Bodies    Rotors    Valves    Controllers    Central Controls Landscape Drip I Pumps & Filtration Drainage Products    Resources Water Saving Tips Major Products m Water — Saving c • Rotary Nozzles have efficient water distribution through rotating streams that uniformly deliver water at a low precipitation rate, significantly reducing runoff and erosion. • HE-VAN nozzles are fully adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees with high uniformity and efficiency. HE-VAN nozzles can reduce the number of variations that need to be carried to cover just about any field challenge. Available in radii from 8' to 15; this high efficient nozzle has you covered. "The beauty of the HE-VAN is that with one simple change we got a lot of benefits, like saving money, water, and time. We also anticipate decreased liability and reduced system wear and tear. Now we can confidently meet industry regulations and environmental challenges while providing a lush landscape that all can enjoy. That's a lot of payback for just changing a nozzle!" Brian Baker, Landscape/Irrigation Engineer FLAGLER U-Series Nozzles are dual-orifice nozzles that have better, more uniform water distribution. Water flowing from both orifices combines to form a continuous water stream and eliminates gaps for more uniform coverage throughout the entire watering area.

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Spray and Rotary Nozzles What is a High-Efficiency Nozzle? Standard or Low Precipitation Rate? Typical nozzles – Un-Even Watering Low Precipitation Rate Nozzles With typical nozzles, part of the lawn may not have enough water and other parts may be over-watered. A large portion of water may be lost to evaporation / misting, and over-spray. Low precipitation rate nozzles are best used in sloped or compacted soil areas to minimize run-off. The low watering rate makes run-times longer. High-efficiency nozzles – Even Watering Standard Precipitation Rate Nozzles High-efficiency nozzles provide...

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Rotary Nozzles R-VAN Nozzles R-VAN Nozzles Operating Specifications Adjustable arc. 0.6 in/hr Precipitation Rate from 8 to 24 Feet Spray Nozzles • Adjust arc and radius without tools • Color coded for easy identification • Low precipitation rate reduces run-off and erosion • Maintains efficient performance at high operating pressures without misting or fogging • The Rain Bird exclusive manual flush feature makes it easy to clear dirt and debris in seconds, assuring reliable performance year after year • Compatible with all models of Rain Bird spray bodies in addition to a wide variety of...

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Rotary Nozzles R-VAN Nozzles Note: All R-VAN nozzles tested on 4" (10.2 cm) pop-ups n Square spacing based on 50% diameter of throw s Triangular spacing based on 50% diameter of throw Performance data taken in zero wind conditions Note: Radius reduction over 25% of the normal throw of the nozzle is not recommended Spray Nozzles

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Rotary Nozzles R-VAN Nozzles Spray Nozzles Did you know that in the real-world, Installs Come in All Shapes 60° HE-VAN Nozzles make installations easy, and water efficient. Did you know R-VAN and R-Series Nozzles are matched precipitation with the 5000 Series MPR Rotors and can be installed Use Rotating Nozzles and Rotors on the same zone! • Matched precipitation rate (MPR) from 8' to 35' • Superior coverage – >0.70 DU[LQ] • Thick, wind-resistant streams – near to far • Full 0° to 360° arc adjustable • No arc drift over time • Superior coverage: >0.70 DU[LQ] • Unique wind-resistant pattern...

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Rotary Nozzles Full-Circle Rotary Nozzles (R-Series) Full-Circle Rotary Nozzles 0.6 in/hr Precipitation Rate from 13 to 24 Feet Features • Greater distribution uniformity keeps your landscape green without overwatering • Thick wind-resistant streams and large water droplets resist prevailing winds and maximize water landing in the target zone • Low 0.6"/hr precipitation reduces or eliminates run-off on slopes and hard clay soils with 35% less run time than the leading competitor • Matched precipitation rates enable large and small turf areas to be zoned together by mixing R-Series rotary...

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Spray Nozzles HE-VAN Series Nozzles HE-VAN Series Nozzles High-Efficiency Variable Arc Spray Nozzles Spray Nozzles • HE-VAN’s even coverage allows you to shorten run times by up to 35%, saving you water and money, while still maintaining a healthy lawn. HE-VAN has more than a 40 percent even-coverage improvement over existing variable arc nozzles • HE-VAN nozzles have a unique stream pattern, designed for superior coverage and wind resistance. Low-trajectory spray and large water droplets prevent misting and airborne evaporation so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place....

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Spray Nozzles HE-VAN Series Nozzles Performance data taken in zero wind conditions Note: Radius reduction over 25% of the normal throw of the nozzle is not recommended

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Spray Nozzles HE-VAN Series Nozzles Rain^Bird 12 Series HE-VAN Performance data taken in zero wind conditions Note: Radius reduction over 25% of the normal throw of the nozzle is not recommended

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Stainless steel adjustment screw to adjust flow and radius Fits all Rain Bird Spray Bodies and Shrub Adapters U-Series Nozzles Dual orifice spray nozzles that use 30% less water1 Features • Additional orifice for close-in watering minimizes brown spots around the spray head and eliminates gaps in coverage so the entire watering area is more uniformly covered • Superior coverage for efficient watering. Use up to 30% less water • Matched precipitation rate with Rain Bird HE-VAN and MPR nozzles • Five year trade warranty Operating Range • Spacing: 5 to 15 feet (1.7 to 4.6 m)2 • Pressure: 15 to...

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