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Drip Line Fittings Product Features Good Seals Applications Agriculture Horticulture Product Options Start Connectors Insert Couplings Insert Reducers Line End Clamps Rivulis Irrigation is making a good connection in the field with drip line fittings. From an extensive line of barb fittings, reducers, elbows, and adapter, we’ve got the fitting for you. Because the fittings are so well engineered, they create a good seal and have a grip that’s hard to break. The drip line fittings are available in multiple sizes, matching up with 12, 16, 17, and 20 mm drip line and hose sizes. From the connection to the manifold or to the end of the line, we’ve got your covered. Rivulis Irrigat

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RlVUllS Irrigation This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation and the descriptions, photos, and information are for general purpose use only. Please consult with an irrigation specialist and technical specifications for proper use of products. Because some products are not available in all regions, please contact your local dealer for details. Rivulis Irrigation reserves the right to change specifications and the design of all products without notice.

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