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Reliable solutions to achieve highest quality yield GREENHOUSE & SOILLESS GROW BEYOND

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Greenhouse & Soilless Solutions Greenhouses are becoming an increasingly more important solution in precision agriculture, specifically when dealing with varying climate zones. Greenhouses provide a safe and stable ecosystem for our food supply, allowing for increased results and high quality yields. From climate control to germination, the correct water application is critical to maximize plant productivity. We recommend working with your Rivulis representative who brings the hydraulic and agronomic expertise to develop a greenhouse solution for your unique needs. Most greenhouse...

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Rivulis Supertif: The Most Advanced On-Line Dripper If you have intensive horticulture production, you need the Rivulis Supertif range of drippers. Trusted the world over for performance and flexibility, each dripper features a self-cleaning mechanism and precision manufacturing for maximum reliability. Additionally, Rivulis Supertif provides multiple outlet configurations, variable flow rates, no-drain options with multiple sealing and opening pressures, and a wide range of accessories. Rivulis offers multiple Supertif Pressure Compensating (PC) Dripper outlet options for your various...

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Standard Pressure Compensating (PC) drippers provide a consistent flow rate over a wide pressure range to ensure uniformity regardless of run length or elevation. No Drain (ND) drippers take this further by also sealing when pressure falls below a specified level. The drippers remain sealed until the pressure increases above a specified pressure - within the working pressure range. The benefit of ND is that it keeps the pressure in the tube when the dripper is turned off enabling you to pulse irrigate. Without this feature, the system would drain at shut-off and would need to re-fill at...

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Eurodrip Corona For precision drip irrigation, the Eurodrip Corona offers a range of reliable on-line drippers in both PC and PCND models. Each dripper features a self-flushing mechanism that operates at start-up to help expel accumulated debris. Combined with a high quality silicone diaphragm, Corona offers flexibility and reliability. Corona PCND Pressure compensating for accurate flow over a wide Pressure compensating and no-drain function for pulse irrigation applications. A dripper outlet cover for 26.20 l/h models is available to diffuse the stream caused in high flow models. Sealing...

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Rivulis E1000: Easy Take-Apart Dripper Cost Effective The Rivulis E1000 is a cost-effective dripper that that can be used standalone or also with tube and pegs. Available in flow rates of 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 l/h (calculated at 1 bar pressure). Alternatively, you may choose to use overhead irrigation for all your irrigation requirements. However this is only suitable for specific crops that are durable to fungus and pests. Easy Cleaning Every pack of 1,000 drippers comes with a useful E1000 spanner. This specially designed spanner allows you to open your E1000 dripper with ease. Once open, you...

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Climate Control: Rivulis FLF Foggers Rivulis FLF foggers, available in 1, 2 and 4 outlet options, provide the ultimate solution to increase humidity and lower ambient temperatures in your greenhouse. Each nozzle is available in 5.4 and 10.5 l/h 3.5 bar pressure) ( models. This provides a maximum flow of 42 l/h for the 4 x 10.5 l/h nozzle option. The average FLF droplet size is 70 microns resulting in a fine mist that evaporates quickly.

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Dripper Pegs: Choosing The Correct Option If you have more than one peg and tube per dripper, it is necessary to use an equalizer DripPeg that also has flow regulation built in. This reduces the risk that if one peg is lower than the other, it will expel more water than pegs at higher elevation. Therefore, when using multiple pegs per dripper, you should use DripPeg or Polytif which both have built in flow regulation. Note: DripPeg, Polytif, BarPeg and SnaPeg are designed for Rivulis E1000 and Supertif only. Please contact your Rivulis representative for pegs and fittings for Corona...

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Supertif Applications with Dripper Pegs The below is an example of using the Supertif Multi Outlet with DripPegs The below is an example of using the Supertif Single Outlet with SnaPeg

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Rivulis White Drip Line Solutions Why consider using white drip line in your greenhouse? White drip line or tube dramatically reduces the water temperature being delivered to the plants. This lower water temperature can significantly benefit crops, particularly young plants where feeder roots are more sensitive to water temperature. In addition, because the water temperature is lower, scaling is reduced, which reduces the risk of dripper clogging, and ultimately increases the lifespan of the drip line. In a field study comparing white drip lines to black drip lines, the water coming out of...

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Rivulis White Hydro PC & PCND The Rivulis White Hydro PC & PCND drip lines are the ideal solution for growing in both soil or soilless applications. The benefits include: Strong round dripper with two outlets in every dripper. Pressure compensating for same flow per dripper. Unique Hydro PC 12 mm low flow drip line available. Easier to transport and install, and requires half the amount of water to fill and drain compared to 16 mm drip line. Hydro PCND 16 and 20 mm no-drain option available to stop water emitting at system shut-off (1.0 meter sealing pressure) enabling for pulse irrigation...

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Choosing Drip Irrigation for your Greenhouse CONSIDERATIONS Greenhouse width Greenhouse length Bed / table width Crop type and peak water demand Growing size of the crop Crop value IRRIGATION METHOD: Pulse EMITTER SPACING: 15– 30 cm (maximum) Drip Line with Integral Emitters (White Hydro PCND) soilless (Pots, Grow Bags) Choose emitter spacing according to soil type. Lighter soils require closer spacing. How often will you irrigate? TIMES PER DAY Hose with On-line Emitters (Rivulis E1000, Rivulis Supertif or Eurodrip Corona)

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