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Hydrodrip Drip Tape Product Features Flat dripper Turbulent flow path Applications Row crop, field crops and vegetables Subsurface Product Options Diameter options: 5/8”, 7/8” Wall thickness options: 10, 12, 15 mil Operating Guidelines Recommended operating pressure: 8-15 PSI Maximum operating pressure: 5/8”/10 or 12 mil: 19 psi 5/8”/15 mil: 22 psi 7/8”/10 or 12 mil: 15 psi 7/8”/15 mil: 17 psi Filtration requirement: 80 micron/150 mesh Hydrodrip Drip Tape is the ideal drip tape solution for crops requiring the combination of wide dripper spacing, low flow rates and excellent uniformity in long run lengths. The dripper is engineered with a highly effective filter inlet system and a turbulent flow path, reducing the chance of plugging and helping to maintain peak performance. And with its flap outlet, Hydrodrip Drip tape reduces the ingestion of soil on system shut-down when used in a subsurface application.

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Hydrodrip Drip Tape Flow Rate by Pressure - Hydrodrip Drip Tape 1.2 8 Inch/0.80 gpm/100 8 100 ft. 8” Spacing/0.80 gpm per Inch/0.60 Internal Illustrations The Hydrodrip Drip Tape is made with a injection molded dripper which produces excellent uniformity. Because the Hydrodrip Dripper is flat, it is a good choice for manual or mechanized layout and retrieval. The Hydrodrip drip tape is available in several diameters, wall thicknesses, dripper spacing and flow rates to meet the needs of your crop. The Hydrodrip Drip Tape is suitable for SDI applications. Flap outlet Outlet chamber Turbulent...

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Hydrodrip Drip Tape Hydrodrip Drip Tape - Flow Rate Per dripper *at 8 psi Product Information Nominal Flow Hydrodrip Drip Tape - Flow Rate (GPM) Per 100 Ft

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