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Katif Flow Regulated Online Dripper Operating guidelines Flow rates: 2,3, 3,75, 8,4 lph Operating pressure range: 0,8-3,0 bar Available pre-inserted on PE 16-20 mm tubing, at any required spacing, or loose, to be installed on site Two water outlet versions: Top outlet - prevents water run-off along the drip line Side outlet - no water squirts above the drip line Installation: Use 2,8 mm punch tool The Katif Flow Regulated Online Dripper delivers on several key features including a self flushing mechanism, low profile position, and a highly accurate flow regulating diaphragm. Combining all these features, the Katif Flow Regulated Online Dripper can be used in challenging topographical conditions and in long runs, without any worries. And because Katif Flow Regulated Online Drippers are made with durable materials they are resistant to UV degradation and break down due to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture.

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Maximum recommended drip line length (m) on flat terrain Irrigation Rivulis.com This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation and the descriptions, photos, and information are for general purpose use only. Please consult with an irrigation specialist and technical specifications for proper use of products. Because some products are not available in all regions, please contact your local dealer for details. Rivulis Irrigation reserves the right to change specifications and the design of all products without notice.

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