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Pro-Flat Premium PVC Layflat Product Features Premium Resins Resists Contraction and Expansion Minimal Twisting Applications Agriculture Horticulture Manifolds Water Transfer Product Options Diameters: 1 1/2” to 8” Colors: Green Operating Guidelines Maximum Operating Pressures: 1.5” Rivulis Irrigation’s Pro-Flat brand Layflat Hose is a versatile, durable hose which meets the needs of growers everywhere. The layflat is made with premium resins which allow the product to withstand the tough conditions endured in the agricultural and the mining industries. The thick wall dimensions and the strong yarn structure help the product to hold connections and resist bursting. Additionally, the construction reduces the amount of rotation and elongation each time the system is pressurized. The layflat is used for a variety of applications for several industries including agricultural, horticultural, and mining. Applications include transfer lines, sub-main lines, and discharge lines. Pro-Flat is available in numerous sizes to meet the requirements of your design. The premium layflat is a perfect complement to the other Rivulis Irrigation products in your irrigation system.

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Pro-Flat Layflat Hose - Product Specifications Color Roll Length Number of Rolls Per Pallet Item Number Rivulis I r r i g a t i on This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation and the descriptions, photos, and information are for general purpose use only. Please consult with an irrigation specialist and technical specifications for proper use of products. Because some products are not available in all regions, please contact your local dealer for details. Rivulis Irrigation reserves the right to change specifications and the design of all products without notice.

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