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Rivulis D1500 TRUSTED IRRIGATION WITH RESULTS "I achieved 15% higher yields, irrigated 2.5 times more area with the same amount of water, and saved 65% in energy costs compared to sprinkler irrigation". Mehmet Bakim, 300 ha sugar beat grower, Turkey D1500 Thin Wall Drip Line

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TRUSTED: OUTSTANDING CLOGGING RESISTANCE INLET FILTERS Rivulis D1500 features one of the largest inlet filters for flat drip emitters on the market. The additional filtration area provides outstanding protection against clogging. Regardless of how good an emitter’s inlet filters are, inevitably some particles will enter the labyrinth. When this occurs, it is important to have a large cross section (width x height) so the particles can pass easily and not clog the emitter. Once again, Rivulis D1500 design has one of the largest labyrinth cross sections on the market.

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D1500 Technical Data | 22 & 23 mm Nominal 0 Rivulis www.rivulis.com This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation and the descriptions, photos, and information are for general purpose use only. Please consult with an irrigation specialist and technical specifications for proper use of products. Because some products are not available in all regions, please contact your local dealer for details. Every effort has been used to ensure that product information, including data sheets, schematics, manuals and brochures are correct. However, information should be verified before...

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