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Super XL Sprinkler Operating guidelines and configuration Flow rates at 2,5 bar: 190-340 lph Operating pressure range: 2,5-3,5 bar, at sprinkler base (Violet nozzle: 3,0-3,5 bar) Effective wetting diameter: up to 17,0 m at 2,5 bar Available with 3/8” or 1/2” THM base 4 color-coded nozzles for easy flow rate identification Two rotor types: Black rotor with blue cover - for violet and yellow nozzles Black rotor with green cover - for brown and orange nozzles Available with pressure regulator May be mounted on 1/2” PVC riser or used with Rivulis Water's Meteor adapter on metal rods or plastic stakes The Rivulis Super XL Sprinkler is a slow rotating rotor sprinkler which produces a single, continuous jet stream of water, Because of the continuous stream, the Rivulis XL Sprinkler creates a uniform wetting pattern in the field, Easy to assemble and dismantle, the Rivulis Super XL sprinkler allows efficient installation and maintenance, The Rivulis Super XL Sprinkler can be mounted on PVC risers or used with adapters to be compatible with metal rods or plastic stakes, And like all Rivulis irrigation products, Super XL is made of premium materials, resisting UV degradation and break down from exposure to chemicals and fertilizers, The Rivulis Super XL Sprinkler is a great choice for orchards, vegetable fields and nurseries,

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Super XL - Performance Data Nozzle Pressure Flow * At 75 cm above ground level ** Performance data are obtained under ideal test conditions and may be adversely affected by wind, hydraulic conditions, and other factors, *** 8x10, 9x9, 9x10 - Recommended for undertree irrigation CRivulis Irrigation This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation and the descriptions, photos, and information are for general purpose use only. Please consult with an irrigation specialist and technical specifications for proper use of products. Because some products are not...

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