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index Industrial brushes • Cylindrical Brush • Disc brush • Lath brush • Metallic body strip brush • Flexible strip brush • Watertight strip brush • Spiral, cup and disc strip brush • Metallic brush • Tubes-Cleaning-Brush Road cleaning • Side brush • Replacement side brush • Central brush • Rings Brush • Weed brushes for sweepers • Weed brushes for manual delimbers • Scrub brush • Remplacements for sweepers • hydraulic maintenance and repair • Cleaning products • Brooms and accesories Sweepers • Thrust brush • Artificial grass brush • Agricutural Sweeper&nbs

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SPECIALISTS IN INDUSTRAIL BRUSHES Dynamism, eficiency and personalization. We are an international enterprise, specialised on giving complete solutions with any type of brushes or sweepers for industry. A service catalogue, that complete itself with industrial brushes for road cleaning, routes, motorways and others. What make us different? We work hard to offer the product more personalized. We hear the necessities of our clients and the market innovations. We adapt ourselves providing integral solutions with other complementary services. We optimized the ressources to be more competitive...

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CYLINDRICAL INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES CYLINDRICAL INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES. We make the cylindrical industrial brush bespoke, totally definited by the client: the total lenght, the outer dyameter of the body and the shaft, basis material and from the filaments, as well as his disposition. We dispose too of the cylindrical brush known as ZZ System, this system allowed to form a brush of a required length trough 100mm length, thanks to their serrated edges that join perfectly with each other and make that the remplacement is easier.

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DISC INDUSTRIAL BRUSH INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES CYLINDRICAL INDUSTRIAL BRUSH. We make bespoke cylindrical industrial brush, fully definited by the client: the total lenght, outer dyameter, from the body and shaft, basis and filaments materials, as well as his disposition.

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lath brushes industrial brushes LATH INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES These brushses can have a rectangular or squared basis and have the quality of being a very easy and versatile solution given the big quantity of aplications in which they can be copled without complex instalations. They are generally used for: close holes, to apply liquids, to grease, to clean, dose, protect, brake, cushion the noise from the CNC or just for straighten the cuts of the packages, as well as in myriad applications more. The fiber can be in synthetic, natural or metallic material, with the required lenght and with low,...

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STRIP BRUSH WITH METALLIC BODY Versatile and lasting. The strip brushes family, of metallic slot, is a products that offers very varied configurations according to the particular necessities of each client. Separation and mouvement of products Cleaning of transporting tapes Pressure application on a surface Polish of superficial roughness Pipes cleaning Glass, fruits and vegetables cleaning INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES Bespoke projects Permanent Innovation Because the industrial process change constantly, in Sacema we are specialised on the design and production of new products and the improvement of...

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FELXIBLE STRIP BRUSHES INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES FLEXIBLE STRIP BRUSH They are flexible strip brushes inserted in a flexible profile. The flexibility of the brush allow to install in radial or curves contours, adapting to any geometry in which we can install the brush. Available in coils of 25 meters, easy to store and in which we can cut the necessary quantity, without generate waste. It can be paste, imprisoned or connected, even of radial form.

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STRIP BRUSH OF RUBBER PROFILE : WATERTIGHT INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES WATERTIGHT STRIP BRUSH Sacema offers a product to obtain an absolutely tightness with fleixibility. It is obtained with an elastic profile with 2 rubber lips. It provides an optimal sealed trought the dust, air corrents, termical variations, thanks to the adaptation of the filaments.

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STRIP BRUSH IN SPIRAL, CIRCULARS OF CUP industrial brushes SPIRAL STRIP BRUSH It is a strip brush with metallic profile that being rolled in a shaft with the object to obtain a brush of role type or cylindrical brush. It presents a big density when it rolled to joint turns. Even if it is very usual to leave a separation between ranks with th object to have a relief. CUP STRIP BRUSH These brushes have a big claim because of their adaptability to multiple industrial process as deburr machines, and smooth edges cabos, as well as the works finish. CIRCULAR STRIP BRUSH Available for outside or...

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industrial brushes metallic brushes METALLIC BRUSHES Our metallic brushes for the treatment of surfaces are made with carbon steel wire, stainless steel, brass or abrassive nylon (silicon carbide). Furthermore, we offer models to use with high revolutions, vulcanized and suitable with portable machines, electrical or pneumatic machines. In Sacema we count always with the best standards of quality with ISO certification. • Circular brushes • Cup brushes • Manual and special brushes • Brushes to work to high revolutions • Vulcanized brushes

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PIPECLEANING BRUSH industrial brushes PIPECLEANING BRUSH In Sacema we offer pipecleaning brushes with threaded wire tie in simple spiral that sustain the filament in helix form. These brushes are ideal for the removal of every type of waste in pipes or holes, washer holes, bottles, radiators, or laboratory tools. Furthermore, they can be used manual and coupled in portable or fixed machines. We put at your disposal these brushes made with filaments in different materials of steel wire, stainless steel, brass and haire; to consult the second model. Utilities: • Cleaning of salts in tubes of...

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BRUSHES TO ROAD CLEANING Flexibility in all type of brushes We are manufacturer of any industrial brush for sweeper machines of road cleaning. We dispose of lateral and central brooms (cylindrical) and rings. We provide pieces of exchange, manual brooms, sweeper trolleys and industrial cleaning products. Type of brushes Frontal and lateral bruses. Lateral Brushes of Sacema replacements Cylindrical brushes (central) Ring brushes (sections) Brushes for scrubbers

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