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Very reinforced polyester tank. ¥ Tank capacity: 800 Kgs. ¥ Regulation by hydraulic control from the cabin. ¥ Adjustable outlets with hoses or direct outlets. ¥ Fixed coupling with mouth or ring. ¥ Extensible axis, wheels 10.0/80-12 8PR. ¥ Anti-breakage rubber diffusers. ¥ Reinforced transmission. ¥ Lighting system. ¥ Parking brake (wedges). ¥ Avda. Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 100-102 Polígon Industrial Sant Pere Molanta 08799 Olèrdola - Barcelona - SPAIN Tel. +34 93 892 38 56 Fax. +34 93 818 08 69 e-mail - Rotatory coupling. Homocinetic transmission. Area distributor

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Trailed Duster - 2

TRAILED DUSTER E-800 The SAHER trailed dusters are made of two feed screw that distribute the product to the back outlets, thanks to a hydraulic motor turn. Then, a large flow turbine distribute the product to the different faces. Coupling Fixed coupling with mouth Full opening Fixed coupling with ring Trailed equipment with great capacity for a podwer treatment. Duster 8oo Kgs. with rotatory coupling Bottom outlets details Hydraulic control to the tractor Diffuser detail

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