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Bedding plants Flower Catalogue 2017 - 2018 SEED

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Welcome Quality, Reliability and Service As an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops and cut flowers, Sakata has over one hundred years of experience in developing quality genetics for commercial growers and gardeners. Earlier innnovations, like the world’s first hybrid Pansy introduced in 1966, have become industry standards – and their genetics are still to be found in today’s leading series. Year after year, we continue to develop and innovate, supported by the immense quantity of knowledge, experience and quality genetics that we have built up over the years. This...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 3

NEW SEED INTRODUCTIONS 2017-18 Sakata regularly enters new varieties into industry trials to be judged by peers and experts. Both the Fleuroselect and All-America Selections entries are evaluated anonymously under code number in numerous trial grounds in different locations. Awards granted by both organisations are universally recognised as true symbols of excellence. Fleuroselect Sakata is a member Fleuroselect, which is the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry. Its main activities include the testing, protecting and promoting of new flower varieties. Entries in...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 4

sakata brings you choice! MULTI-PELLETS Easy sowing of many seeds at the same time in one plug ANTIRRHINUM Candy Showers, 4-6 seeds per pellet GYPSOPHILA MURALIS Gypsy / Garden Bride PORTULACA Sunseeker Multi-pellets: 8-10 seeds per pellet PERFORMAX SEEDS LEUCANTHEMUM (SHASTA DAISY) LYCOPERSICUM Red Robin Advantages: • Uniform seed size for easier sowing • Higher germination • High number of usable plants COATED SEEDS GERBERA All series RANUNCULUS Bloomingdale ZINNIA Profusion Advantages: • Seeds are highly visible for quality control • Ensures single seed selection for accurate...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 5

Seed Bedding Bedding From core products like Begonia and Pansy, to specialities like Zinnia and crops that differentiate your assortment like Gypsophila and Trailing Antirrhinum, Sakata’s bedding plant offering is bred for efficient production for growers, retail appeal and consumer satisfaction. Seed Bedding

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 6

* Tall growing, with strong, sturdy stems and numerous branches * Very high flower productivity Amaranthus tricolor Bedding Plant Half shade + full sun 80,000/gram Normal (F) 12-15 cm Strong and colourful landscape item adds height to flower beds in warm areas. Ideal for extra impact late in the Summer after other Summer bedding plants have peaked. * Plant height: 60-80 cm, with fertilization up to 1.5m SAKATA www.SakataOrnamentals.eu

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 7

harmony Perennial Bedding Plant Bedding + mixed combo, patio Half shade De-fuzzed seed Dwarf, compact, multi-flowering plants with large flowers on strong stems. Superb cold crop for premium pots in early Spring. * * * * Blue Suitable for early Spring sales Harmony is ideal for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day Combine with pansies, dianthus, bellis and poppies for spectacular mixed containers Cultural requirements are similar to Bloomingdale ranunculus Approximately 25% of Harmony Blue will be double flowers harmony double Perennial Bedding Plant Bedding + mixed combo Half shade...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 8

Antirrhinum majus nanum pendula F1 candy showers Unique - the first-ever trailing snapdragon series from seed! Beautiful as a single colour or as a mixture of colours from the series, Candy Showers is ideal for baskets and containers. Try combining with Pansies and other cool season crops for Spring or Autumn sales. * Can be sold in Spring or Autumn; excellent addition to Autumn trailing pansy sales * Trailing habit makes Candy Showers ideal for use in hanging baskets and mixed containers * Fill baskets with Candy Showers in single colours, a series mix or in combination with other...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 9

Antirrhinum majus nanum F1 sonnet Annual Bedding Plant Bedding, landscaping Half shade + full sun Sonnet is easy to cultivate with a good, uniform growing habit, strong root system and sturdy branching. 12 hours day length required for flowering, suitable for late Spring to Autumn sales. Long flowering season, main stem is surrounded by numerous flowering spikes. Bright colours are an eye-catcher in garden beds and attractive for use as home garden cut flowers, with the added bonus of a delightful fragrance. Burgundy Orange Scarlet Well suited for large containers but can be grown in...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 10

Bedding Plant Bedding Plant Shade + half shade Half shade + full sun Normal, pellet Normal, pellet Ambassador is a rich green-leaved series for early production featuring large flowers on compact plants. The pack performance of Ambassador and Senator is outstanding. The seed quality of these series, in combination with a compact habit, very high uniformity and a tight flowering window, make an extremely dependable product. Senator is the bronze leaf counterpart to the green leaf Ambassador Begonia series, with a beautiful contrast between flower and foliage. * * A proven pack performer with...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 11

Begonia semperflorens F1 alfa Fills in fast! Inferno is the ideal landscape Begonia, as it can be produced as easily and efficiently as a pot crop. Inferno is versatile and vigorous in the landscape. Optimal basal branching adds volume and height to beds. High heat and humidity tolerance mean plantings look good all season. * Versatile, vigorous landscape type for display gardens and large containers * Plantings fill in fast and full for economical coverage of large areas * Self-cleaning flowers mean low maintenance * Recommended for production in pots, containers and hanging baskets...

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Flower Catalogue 2017-2018 SEED - 12

Quick and Compact Colours Quick & Compact Mix More Colours: Yellow Golden with Red Back SAKATA White with Rose back Begonia tuberhybrida F1 fortune Fortune is the ultimate tuberhybrida for fast and high density cultivation, minimal shrinkage at retail and a great garden performance. Large, showy flowers bloom well above the foliage for maximum impact. Within the series, specially selected 'Quick and Compact' colours offer the fastest, best matched colours of all. * Spectacular double flowers in beautiful colours * Rich and free flowering habit with shorter, stronger flower stems * About 10...

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