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FAST® with SFR® Wastewater Treatment Systems


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FAST® with SFR® Wastewater Treatment Systems - 1

Established in 1996 to focus on water ecology and technology innovation through three companies, BioMicrobics, SeptiTech, and Scienco/FAST. At the forefront of sustainable design and with more than 80,000 installed systems in over 80 countries, these systems meet the highest performance standards for treatment of water, greywater, wastewater, stormwater, and more! BioMicrobics has developed a number of innovative products dealing with the treatment of water - where infrastructure and drainage are not available. Our systems are designed and engineered with sustainability and user practicality in mind. RelroFASTSHF Ideal for existing tanks or upgrading the septic system to enhance/renovate a drain field; see our S.O.S.-Save Our Septic* Warranty Program. MicroFAST ~ Versatile and robust, these systems are designed for individual homes, clustered subdivisions, commercial properties and other domestic-strength flow applications NitriFASTisF For use as a second-stage treatment train with a MicroFAST® system to provide additional nitrification to achieve even higher levels of nitrogen reduction. HighStrengthFASTIS, Meets the challenges of high-strength applications 0 and properties with higher strength loading and® dealing with FOG (grease) issues to provide simple.^ robust, low-maintenance treatment systems. kh vbb n« wastewater MyrAST systems1' Ideal for small communities or large commercial propertiesto maintain consistent high performance, low maintenance, and sludge management all in one tank. For use on inspected vessels and offshore I platforms to keep in compliance with total blackwater 1 and greywater treatment and reliable wastewater treatment performance on vessels of all types. I "Onsite systems provide f cost-effective, long-term option for treating Lwasfetvafer, particularly In sparsely populated areas When properly P/nsfaWed, operated, and maintained, these systems help protect public I health, preserve valuable water resources, and maintain a community’s L economic vitality." I - U.S. EPA, SepticSmart Initiative wastewater treatment systems MICROBICS BETTER WATER. BETTER WORLD.’ 16002 West 110th St. • Lenexa, KS 66219 USA 1-800-753-3278 • ph: 1-913-422-0707 • f: 1-913-422-0808• ADVANCED WASTEWATER TREATMENT PROCESS RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • COMMUNITY a subsidiary of BioMicrobics. Inc. 69 Holland Street • Lewiston, ME 04240 USA 1-800-318-7967 • ph: 1-207-333-6940 • f: 1-207-333-6944 • E sciENcm/rasr a subsidiary of BioMicrobics, Inc. 12977 Maurer Indust l Dr • Sunset Hills, MO 63127 USA 1-800-652-4539 • ph: 1-314-756-9300 • f: 1-314-756-9306 • © 2019 BioMicrobics Inc. All Rights Reserved. All tradenames and logos are registered trademarks of BioMicrobics Inc. or used under license. Certification/Award marks are registered by their respective owners. BETTER WATER. BETTERJWORLD

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FAST® with SFR® Wastewater Treatment Systems - 2

eeLLi"" available. Consult factory for more information UNIT MAXIMUM TREATMENT CAPACITY* Volume / Module** People / Module'' BioMicrobics FAST® is the leading, Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) Treatment process with SFR® (sequencing fixed reactor) to provide significant improvement over traditional systems. Ideal in high nitrification/denitrification performance for environmental sensitive areas, the FAST treatment process exceeds effluent quality requirements for possible drainfield reduction or water reuse opportunities. Install FAST systems directly in locally-sourced,...

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