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LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT SePRO Corporation 11550 North Meridian Street Suite 600 Carmel, IN 46032 Product Guide Connect with us on Facebook at SePRO Turf Join the conversation @stewardsofturf Always read and follow label directions. Cutless, Edgeless, Junction, Obtego, Zio, and Profile are trademarks of SePRO Corporation. Akari, Hachi-Hachi, Octane, and Talus are registered trademarks of Nichino America, Inc. Ornazin is a registered trademark of AMVAC Chemical Corporation. ©Copyright 2020 SePRO Corporation. Printed in U.S.A. Revised 05/12/2020..

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Weeds Controlled Rely on the experts Vision. Science. Solutions. SePRO is dedicated to providing effective, innovative, dependable solutions for landscape managers. The SePRO landscape solution portfolio described in this booklet includes high-quality plant growth regulators, broad-spectrum fungicides and insecticides, and Octane Herbicide. We are driven by your success. Let our portfolio help you get there. Canada thistle Curly Dock Shepard’s Purse Yellow Nutsedge Insects Controlled For more information about the solutions included in this guide, please contact your SePRO Technical...

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Landscape Plant Growth Regulators Rate and Reference Summary Tables ® Herbicide Active Ingredient Signal Word HRAC Code Turf Growth Regulator Don’t Trim Your Profits. Edgeless integrates the patented synergy of two turf growth regulators to control growth and reduce string trimming requirements of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses. Edgeless is applied as a 6-inch banded application wherever repeated string trimming or edging of turfgrass is required. Proper application of Edgeless can result in up to 8 weeks of growth control greatly reducing the need for string trimming, resulting in...

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Cutless Granular Landscape Growth Regulator Talus Insect Growth Regulator Less Labor. More Profit. Break the Life Cycle. Cutless Granular is formulated to provide consistent performance, unmatched plant safety, and systemic activity— a combination only found in Cutless Granular. In addition to its phenomenal activity against nuisance insects, some of the best features of Talus Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) include its tenderness to ornamentals and beneficial insects. Talus is effective via contact, ingestion and vapor activity. Talus is also faster acting and has a larger window of...

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Ornazin Botanical Insecticide The Natural Choice. The active ingredient in Ornazin Botanical Insecticide, azadirachtin, is a natural limonoid extracted from the seeds of the tropical Neem tree. This natural compound acts as a powerful insect growth regulator, antifeedant and repellent. Ornazin inhibits the production of the key molting hormone, ecdysone. In the absence of ecdysone, insects are unable to properly molt/pupate, leading to death. Combine Ornazin’s broad-spectrum activity with its gentleness to beneficials and it becomes a perfect component of a IPM program. Clean up multiple...

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Cutless QuickStop Landscape Growth Regulator Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide Changing the Game in Insect Management. Stop Plants in Their Tracks. Cutless QuickStop is a foliar landscape plant growth regulator that reduces trimming requirements 30 -70% and improves aesthetic appeal of landscapes. Cutless QuickStop works rapidly to suppress terminal growth in established ornamental plants, leading to more compact growth that requires less trimming. Additionally, treated plants will demonstrate darker green foliage. Cutless QuickStop saves labor and beautifies landscapes. The improved Hachi-Hachi...

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Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor Landscape Growth Regulator Akari Miticide/Insecticide Labor in a Bucket. Stop the Damage Immediately. Akari’s unique, immediate “stop-feeding action” not only stops further crop damage, but also inhibits oviposition. The immediate stop-feed prevents mites and insects from further eating away at your profits before they die out completely 4 - 7 days later. While Akari is active on all life stages, it is especially effective on the plant damaging larvae, nymph and adult stages. Akari provides long residual action of 21 - 28 days, making it a powerful and...

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Profile Tree Growth Regulator What is Profile? Profile is a plant growth regulator used by professional arborists and utility foresters for management of tree shoot growth and reduction of biomass. Profile may suppress "dbh" growth, or diameter at breast height, which benefits trees growing in municipal vaults and other confined areas. Profile also offers potential therapy for trees in mild decline. • With one treatment of Profile, vegetative growth is generally reduced by 40 - 60% over a three-year period, depending on the species. Delivering extend pruning cycles that maintain pruning...

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Zio actively colonizes treated plants,fighting disease from within. Octane Herbicide Zio fungicide is the first fungicide identified and developed from the Genesis™ platform by AgBiome. The Genesis platform collects, isolates, analyzes, and tests thousands of microbes for use as biological control products. Lab, greenhouse, and field trials have proven Zio’s efficacy on a broad-spectrum of important turfgrass diseases. Speed up your broadleaf weed control with Octane. Multiple modes of action • Zio halts fungal respiration similar to synthetic chemicals • Enzymatically breaks down fungal...

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Junction Fungicide/Bactericide A Powerful Combination. Junction Fungicide/Bactericide is extremely versatile, providing excellent control of a broad-spectrum of fungal and bacterial pathogens. The two active ingredients—mancozeb and copper hydroxide—work together to deliver maximum plant protection. Junction is available in water-soluble packets making it easy to handle, mix and apply. Superior formulation Easy to handle and is easy on spray equipment Maximizes leaf surface coverage for increased plant protection Obtego Fungicide and Plant Symbiont serves as a multi-functional tool for...

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