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visual design photo Nazario Spadoni The perfection of the detail A winning choice “When a company is fully committed to ensure the highest quality to all single components, quality is fully perceived as real by customers” The passion of the worker, the care for the detail and a constant update of manufacturing technologies make SIGMA 4 one of the leading companies in the field of front end loader manufacturers and an ideal partner for those customers who want to go hand in hand with a modern, innovative, constantly updated and market oriented company. The right answer to meet all demands SIGMA 4, thanks to the long experience and know-how, is able to meet all demands in terms of front end loaders. We have individual solutions to cover all tractors and tractor sizes produced by the Major Manufacturers. A fully qualified “R&D” deparment is constantly working to ensure the update of the range and the development of solutions meeting demands coming from the most professional users. These are our key concepts: Adaptability, Reliability, Ease of Fitting. Design and/or specifications are subject to change without notification. Front loaders

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Boom section For the PC series, the section of the boom is formed by an integral metal sheet in the outer area and a C profile in the inner area, an ideal solution in terms of great strength and overall lightness. Loader quick-release system Lifting force at 180 bar with bucket on ground tear out force at bucket tooth Max. lifting height at pivoting point with tilted bucket tilting bucket on ground Bucket dump angle at full height bucket unloading Digging depth Bucket tilting Innovative loader/tractor quick-release system allowing the fitting/ unfitting operation of the loader in few...

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