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ORANGE - FACTSHEET THE BEST-SELLING OXYGEN BARRIER FILM Combine Silostop Orange with a Silostop SupaCova Pro or standard black plastic to protect it from sunlight and physical damage. Silostop Orange Conventional Conventional PE black PE plastic “Cling film” Oxygen (O₂) transmission rate (cm³ /m²

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ilostop Orange is the original 45 micron impermeable film stopping the entry of oxygen into silage. Silostop Orange is a multi-layer, light and very strong silage film, making it easy to handle and apply. Its unique oxygen barrier properties are proven to be over 60 times more effective than conventional silage sheeting. Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated. You get more feed from your silage. Dry matter loss is reduced by up to 50% in the • top 1 metre of silage compared to conventional silage sheeting. Silostop Orange is thinner and less bulky than • conventional plastics and is...

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