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SKIN: INHALED: ADVICE TO DOCTOR: Treat symptomatically. HEALTH HAZARD INFORMATIONCHRONIC AND ACUTE HEALTH EFFECTS: SWALLOWED: Unlikely under normal conditions. No known EYE: Dust particles may cause minor eye irritation. SKIN: No known hazard. (Applies to unused . May cause slight irritation with very high concentrations. Give water to drink,Seek medical attention if any abdominal symptoms. Flush eyes thoroughly for ten minutes with plenty of water. If irritation persists seek medical attention. Wash thoroughly with mild soad and water. Remove to fresh air. FIRST-AID FACILITIES: Eye wash station, running water, soap EXPOSURE STANDARDS: There is no specific standard for Cocopeat, and other organic gardening materials. SIVANTHI JOE RECOMMENDATION: Keep exposures to dust and / or mist (bioaerosols) from these products as low as practicable._ RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: Avoid breathing dust and / or mist (bioaerosols). Wear an approved P1 or P2 respirator suitable for respirable particulates and conforming with AS/NZS 1715 and 1716 when exposed to dust and / or mist (bioaerosols). These Standards should be followed in the selection, fit - testing, use, storage and maintenance of the respirators._ SKIN PROTECTION: Protective clothing is not necessary for handling Coir Fibre base products. EYE PROTECTION: Non-fogging dust resistant goggles or safety glasses (AS/NZS 1336) should be worn if there is a risk of dust and / or mist (bioaerosols) getting into the eyes._

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SAFE HANDLING INFORMATION STORAGE AND TRANSPORT: No special transport requirements are necessary. Store Coir Fibre base materials in a cooldry area. SPILLS AND DISPOSAL: Keep out of sewer and stormwater drains. Waste material can be disposed of as trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines. FIRE / EXPLOSION HAZARD: Not applicable. SMOKING: Sivanthi Joe Substrates Pvt. Ltd. recommends that all work areas should be non-smoking areas. CONTACT POINT FURTHER INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE HEAD OFFICE OF: SIVANTHI JOE SUBSTRATES PVT. LTD. POST BOX NO.25 TUTICORIN -628 001...

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