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“RF” POST-BAKING DRYING Over the years the radio frequency heating technology has increasingly become an accepted and reliable method of drying bakery products. In virtually every case the RF dryer has proven to be very effective when fitted after the baking oven to control the product moisture content accurately and uniformly, with added benefits to productivity and quality. The radio frequency energy eliminates the excess moisture from the product rapidly and efficiently, without causing over-baking (excessive browning) of the surface. 2 sets “RF 15 kW” post-baking dryers for bread-sticks. “RF 3x60 kW” post-baking equipment for the continuous drying of cracker biscuits. Typical moisture reduction and levelling effect achieved in biscuits by means of a RF post-baki

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The residence time in the baking oven can be reduced so that the production line speed can be increased correspondingly. Here is a list of some products which Typical throughput increase by addition of are being dried successfully using a RFpost-bakingdryer. RF post-baking equipment after the conventional baking ovens: ► Breakfast Cereals ► Butter Cookies ► Chocolate Cookies ► Coconut Rings ► Custard Cream Shells ► Choux/Eclairs ► Meringues ► Oat Flake Cookies ► Puff Pastry ► Shortbread ► Sponge products ► Wafers ► Baby Cookies ► Appetiser Snacks ► Bagel Chips ► Biscotte ► Bread...

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