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Perform an organic process, retain the natural properties Disinfestation and sanitisation of agricultural commodities STALAM developed and patented SANICROP+, an innovative chemical-free solution for the organic disinfestation and sanitisation of dry agricultural commodities, based on the Radio Frequency technology. Thanks to the mild heat treatment performed by the RF electromagnetic field, all physical, chemical, nutritional and sensorial characteristics of the substrate are preserved at their best. How it works? In the SANICROP+ sanitisation system, the product is fed by means of an in-built volumetric hopper feeder, that guarantees the load consistency and the desired thickness; it is then conveyed through the treatment tunnel by a food-grade conveyor belt. In the treatment tunnel the product is submited to the electromagnetic field. In a few minutes the product leaves the treatment tunnel and is gently transferred to the conveyor system which will take it to the subsequent processing steps or storage. MODELS AVAILABLE Throughput (Kg/h)* RF generator cooling system The Radio Frequency energy supply is adjusted to ensure a perfectly controlled process on a wide range of medium to low moisture content products. The PLC ensures a reliable, repeatable and safe process control and allows to manage easily the operating parameters to achieve the desired process targets. * Production capacities may vary depending on the product type. Multiple modules can be combined to increase the production capacity even at a later stage.

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Fast and effective treatment The physical, chemical, sensorial and nutritional properties are preserved at best thanks to the mild heat treatment, so that a healthy and safe product can be obtained without using fumigants, anoxic atmosphere or other chemical treatments. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology Approx. 25 kWh are required to disinfest about 1 ton of product (about the double for a thorough sanitisation process), which translates into a cost of 2÷4 EUR/ton, competitive with the conventional technologies. No effect on the germination of seeds Up to 10x faster...

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