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Company Profile RF Technology Tempering and Defrosting Meat Fish and seafood Vegetables, fruit and more Technical data After-sale services Test & Demo facilities Radio Frequency Equipment

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Profile STAL-AM Established in 1978, STALAM is the world leader in the development, design and manufacture of equipment where capacitive electromagnetic fields at I.S.M. metric frequencies (RF fields) are exploited for a variety of thermal processing and drying applications on raw materials, intermediate and finished industrial products. As a member of AEI (Italian Electronic and Electrotechnical Association) STALAM cooperates actively with prestigious universities and research institutes for the development of the RF technology both as to generation techniques and to technological...

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RF Technology Radio Frequency dielectric heating is a drying and thermal processing technology based on the dissipation of electromagnetic energy within the product. Unlike conventional techniques, where heat istransferred to the product through its surface from an external heat source by conduction, convection or irradiation, a Radio Frequency field generates heat directly inside the entire product mass - that is why the related mechanism is called “endogenous" or "volumetric”. The heat generation is instantaneous and allows a rapid, uniform and perfectly controlled process. Water...

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Defrost in minutes, improve quality and yield Tempering and Defrosting STALAM has developed COLDWAVE+, a rapid in-line defrosting equipment based on the Radio Frequency technology that allows a significant reduction of drip losses and minimises product deterioration due to bacterial growth. This fast, uniform and controlled method offers great flexibility in production scheduling and is the ideal solution for many tempering, softening and defrosting processes. How it works? The product is placed on the machine's conveyor belt and is transferred continuously through the RF unit (tunnel)...

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Defrosting in minutes Defrosting is achieved in minutes rather than hours or days, even for large product blocks and, if necessary, directly inside packaging used for storage or retail distribution (carton boxes, polyethylene liner/bags, plastic crates, etc.). The process speed and uniformity minimise the risk of product degradation (deterioration of sensorial, chemical and physical characteristics, bacteria growth, etc.), thus helping to preserve at its best the product quality. Higher product yield Tempering to -30/-1° can be achieved with no drip loss, that means eliminating completely...

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COLDWAVE+ ensures the rapid and uniform tempering of large meat blocks or individual pieces (cuts), improving the product yield by minimising the drip loss. The product can be obtained at the correct temperature needed for the next process: grinding, cutting, slicing, portioning, forming, dicing, mincing, flaking, tumbling, marinating, deboning, etc. RF defrosting is highly efficient on all kinds of meat, regardless of its shape, size and fat content. mm Individual pieces (cuts) and blocks Thin and thick products “Naked" and packaged products (carton boxes, polyethylene liner/bags, plastic...

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Tempering and defrosting equipment - 8

Thanks to the rapid and gentle Radio Frequency tempering process, the physical, biological and nutritional integrity of fish and seafood is preserved at best, thus ensuring the product freshness and healthiness. The product can be obtained at the correct temperature needed for the next process: re-packing, sawing, cutting, portioning, grinding, forming, gutting, cooking, marinating, supermarket chains supply, etc. It can be applied to all kinds offish, seafood, shellfish, molluscs etc. Siberian salmon blocks IQF and blocks Whole fish, fillets, portions and minced fish Flat and round fish...

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Radio Frequency tempering minimises the drip loss of frozen fruits and vegetables, which therefore retain their texture, flavour and freshness. The product can be obtained at the correct temperature needed for the next process or immediate use. All kinds of vegetables, fruits, butter, margarine, liquid egg Ready meals for catering and retail Fruit purees, juices and vegetable soups Bulk and packaged products Pinapple juice Margarine blocks Spinach blocks

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Models available Technology IP Protection RF power RF generator Dimensions Belt width (kw) cooling system LxWxH (m) IP65 with outer protection boxes of the RF generator made of insulating sandwich-type panels with sheeting and frame in AISI 304 stainless steel Technical data Structure AISI 304 stainless steel submitted to anti-corrosion treatments (passivation, pickling) and shot-peening finish Conveyor belt Certified food-grade rigid polypropylene modules (for packaged products) or solid surface reinforced polyester (for "naked" products) Washing system Built-in conveyor belt & tunnel...

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Tempering and defrosting equipment - 11

Supplying and successfully installing a Radio Frequency equipment is, at the same time, the result and the starting point of several pre- and after-sale activities. STALAM strives to establish strong, trustworthy, mutually rewarding and long-term business relationships with its prospect and existing customers by providing them the best possible technical assistance, aimed first to prove the outstanding benefits of the RF technology and then to make sure that the equipment provided will maintain its performance and profitability in the years to come. Spare parts available in stock...

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Test & Demo facilities The STALAM testing lab is an integral part of our R&D and engineering departments. Through testing and analysis of the results, our experts can study in details the characteristics and behaviour of a product submitted to the Radio Frequency field, thus assessing the technical and economic feasibility of drying and thermal processes on specific substrates, based on customers’ requirements. In the same way, our engineers can identify the best process parameters and the technical specifications of the most suitable RF equipment to perform such processes. STALAM's R&D lab...

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