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Reduce Acrylamide, enhance flavour and crispness Post-baking drying Radio Frequency post baking drying allows to eliminate the excess moisture from the product rapidly and efficiently, without causing over-baking (excessive browning) of the surface, with added benefits to productivity and quality. This special patented electrode is designed to apply a highly-concentrated electric field to thin or very thin products (such as biscuits, cookies, cereals etc..) even when fed with low RF voltages. How it works? Removing the final excess moisture from a baked product is a challenging task: the conventional oven finds it hard to transfer heat to the centre without the risk of over-colouring, Acrylamide formation and cracks that appear in the product even without any mechanical solicitation. The RF electromagnetic field, due to its ability to transfer energy to the product volumetrically and selectively according to the moisture location, will overcome the low thermal conductivity and the crust heat barrier and will directly dry the (wetter) centre of the product without affecting the desired colour. conventional only conventional + RF (6% to 3%) conventional + RF (10% to 3%) 450 400 Acrylamide (µg/kg) Double polarity electrode DOUBLE POLARITY HORIZONTAL RF FIELD + Appetiser Snacks Cracker Biscuits Baby Cookies Crispbread Bagel Chips Custard Cream Shells Biscotte Matzo Bread Croutons Meringues Bread Sticks Oat Flake Cookies Breakfast Cereals Pretzels Butter Cookies Puff Pastry Cheese Thins Rusk Biscuit Chocolate Cookies Shortbread Choux / Éclairs Sponge products Coconut Rings Wafers

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Moisture reduction and leveling RF drying allows to achieve an accurate moisture level inside the product and to reduce cross-band moisture differential at the exit of the baking oven. The process control is instantaneous. Final RF drying increases conventional oven throughput and reduces bakery floor space requirements and energy consumption. Enhanced flavour and crispness The RF treatment improves flavour retention, colour control, crispness and shelf-life. It also reduces checking problems. Final drying by RF allows to reduce surface browning and Acrylamide formation. Reduced Acrylamide...

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