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STEP Systems GmbH Soil Testing Equipment - Professional Systems Complete Phyto-Monitoring System

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Phytomonitoring in Crop Growing Photosynthesis Monitor Is it only photosynthesis? Along with photosynthesis, the Monitor is monitoring simultaneously many other essential parameters: • Net photosynthesis, gross photosynthesis, photorespiration, dark respiration • Leaf transpiration • Stomatal conductance • Photosynthetically active radiation • Air temperature • Air humidity • Ambient CO2 concentration in the air • Atmospheric pressure • Leaf wetness • Leaf temperature In addition, simultaneous monitoring from up to eight (out of tens) optional sensors can be done. They include: Why to...

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Phytomonitoring in Crop Growing Photosynthesis Monitor Typical for both protected and unprotected crops tasks include: • Transpiration monitoring for correction of the daytime and nighttime irrigation schedule. • Simultaneous monitoring of CO2 and H2O exchange to How can the automatically collected data be used? The data are downloaded to a computer via USB wireless adaptor for further analysis. Then the data in CSV format can be analyzed by using provided graphical data viewer or any other relevant software. It can also be automatically interpreted, using an expert system or, for example,...

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Phytomonitoring in Crop Growing STEP Systems GmbH Soil - Water - Climate Testing Equipment Duisburger Str. 44 90451 Nuremberg, Germany Tel: +49 911 96 26 050 Fax: +49 911 96 26 059 e-mail: web: Member of INDEGA

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